MacBook Pro Lovers, Would Love Your Help/Feedback for Hybrid Macbook Case/Stand Idea


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Jan 14, 2015
Hello MacBook Pro lovers,

I would really appreciate your two cents/feedback here.

I am MacBook Pro owner and lover who wants to make a cool hybrid MacBook case/stand. I have a design ready, but I would love to have your feedback as this will determine if I go through with it or not. If it does go through, I am planning on launching it via KickStarter.

You can view renderings of my product HERE (you can click on the pic in the copy for more pics)

The CaseLift is a hybrid MacBook case/stand that utilize a simple velcro system to lift your MacBook screen.

My questions:

- Would you use it?

- What do you guys think of it in terms of its functionality? Slick? Well thought out? Clunky?

- What are your impression in terms of the looks of the product? Slick? Good design? Cheesy? Corny?

- What would you add/substract from the product to improve it?

- I am planning on selling it around a $60 price point, with $39 being the price for the early birds? What do you guys think of the price point?

- Would you buy it?

I would love to get yall's two cent on this.


I wanted to create this product because I am a nomad and freelance web developer who spends a lot of time staring into a sea of code with bad posture. Because I move around a lot, I am always looking for ways to save space and carry less items in my bookbag. The CaseLift was the answer.
Again, I would appreciate yall's feedback.


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Apr 13, 2010
Bedfordshire, UK
I don't really see the point in stands and plenty already exist in the market so how is yours different?

If I did buy one, I'd prefer one that's metallic and minimalist.


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Oct 19, 2011
I don't use cases or stands, so I wouldn't use it or buy it. But neglecting that, I can still give you my comments:

1. I think a case that converts into a laptop stand is a nice idea, I haven't seen something like that before

2. As a case, it looks very thick to me, which makes it not very appealing. Maybe do a render with a rMBP as well...

3. The edges on the back end (near the hinge) are not protected, so it is not really doing its job as a case

4. The front sleeve that the MBP sits in doesn't look very appealing - but I guess that is still work in progress

5. How is the top flap attached to the screen? Will it block cooling?


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Sorry no, as one who frequently travels internationally there are already better options for me, I use a AViiQ Portable Stand on the road, which folds up and weighs next to nothing and RainDesigns mStand`s at home with Apple keyboards.

Your design looks to add a lot of bulk to the Notebook and the keyboard angle when elevated looks to be difficult to deal with. The idea of velcro doesn't overly appeal although I can see what you trying to achieve. If I was to go for a portable stand that significantly elevates the display I would probably look at the "Roost" as once again it has very low weight and folds down to nothing.

Maybe as others have stated it`s just the render, equally whats`s being presented needs to be significantly less bulky, should blend more into the MBP`s aesthetics, nor do I see how the Notebook is supported at the lower angle, as stability is important for typing. As one who does travel frequently the velcro is a real turn off as over time it always seems to lose it`s grip. If I want my primary system to be elevated it must be 100% secure.



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Feb 7, 2012
the graphic rendering for your design is flawless.

if there is velcro, which I didn't quite notice, velcro is hard core, because it picks up lint and I cannot handle it.

the case looks thin and not as bulky as I thought it would be. as it is a case, and not just a stand.

if you had one made that you use and has benefits, then its worthy for the tryouts.


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Jan 14, 2015
Hey Guys,

These honest feedbacks are really awesome, and I thank you all for it. Really gives me insight to what people are thinking about when looking at my product.

Again. Thanks for the feedback.