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Mar 28, 2010
Hello guys.

I'm here because there's a little annoying thing i've just noticed: is the graphics memory shared with the main memory, even for 9600M GT?

If you're using macbook under windows, you'll notice you can only use 9600M GT graphics card, and according to apple specs of my laptop, it says that the 256 MB of memory of the discrete graphics card are dedicated, and for me, dedicated means it is not shared with the main memory, in other words, memory chips just for the discrete graphics card.
But, what turns out when using windows, is that you only have 3.72 gigabytes of memory available (in windows 64 bit), just like shared main memory onboard systems look like.

So, here I am, it is dedicated memory or shared memory? Looking at gpuz, it's very easy to see that it reports GDDR3 (Graphics DDR3), if it was shared, shouldn't it be DDR3?
And, if it really is dedicated memory, why it is still locking down memory for the onboard video card?


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