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Nov 30, 2014
Guys, i want to connect my macbook pro 13'' mid 2009 to an old LG 22'' screen monitor i have.
I already ordered a mini display port to VGA.
As i configured by my own, macbook pro 2009 and earlier do not transfer audio via mini display. I tested it on my tv monitor and the sound was coming out of the macbook only! At preferences i wasn't able to select any output speakers except the build-in macbook's speakers.

So, my questions for you guys are the following:
  1. The resolution on my screen monitor will be ok? Or there is a possibility to have 2 black screens right and left of my screen? On tv, resolution was perfect only if i turned off screen mirroring.
  2. If i connect my macbook to some speakers i already have (through the speakers port) will the sound come out of my speakers? (the same time my macbook and my screen monitor will be connected).
Thats all for now.
I am looking forward for your answers.
Because working hours and hours in front of a 13'' screen, or watching a movie, started to be very tiring for me.



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Mar 21, 2012
Does the monitor only have VGA? Because if HDMI or DVI is available, the display quality would probably be better.

Apart form that, just connect the display and the speakers, go to the settings, and choose the right resolution for the display and the speakers, and it all should work.


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Nov 14, 2016
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The old mDP connection doesn’t carry sound and vga definitely doesn’t carry sound so not surprising you only heard it from the MBP. You could get sound to come from the monitor with an analog audio cable connected from the headphone port to analog audio in. Unfortunately only the newer DisplayPort versions carry audio. But you’re limited by the vga anyway on the monitor. Yes, you can connect external speakers the same way with analog cables.

Edit: forgot to mention that vga is limited to lower resolutions. My 2009 used to drive 3440 x 1440 incredibly through mDP. Vga can only do around 1280 i think. I forget since it’s been years since I used any vga connection. If this is an old monitor that only has vga, it probably doesn’t matter and the monitor itself has low resolution.
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Jun 2, 2016
Cornwall UK
2010 13" pro DO carry sound.
2009 do not.

If you wish sound down HDMI you will need a audio injector kit to go with your HDMI adaptor.
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