Macbook Pro not charging when its being used, or when the screen is open


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Dec 5, 2009
About two weeks ago i had to replace my power cord because it got damaged, i bought an offbrand non-apple power cord. It has been working fine and is the same as the apple one.
A few days ago it started dying unexpectedly when I had it plugged in. Then I noticed it wasn't charging while I was using it anymore. Usually when it's charging the light is orange, then when it's fully charged it turns green. When I have the computer closed the light stays orange until it's fully charged, then green. But when I open it the orange light goes off and the green light comes on and it stops charging until I close it again. Does anyone know what this problem could be? The computer is about a year old, could i need a new battery? Thanks


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Feb 15, 2002
Yes, my PowerBook used to do that until I replaced the battery. I put in one from OWC and the charging problem went away.

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