Macbook pro not turning on or charging


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Jul 13, 2014
Hi everybody, I have a macbook pro 2013. When i try to turn it on, i get the screen with battery symbol while I charged it overnight. It's always on orange colour but sometimes it gets green for some seconds.



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Jul 25, 2019
Got a screw loose? I am not surprised that standard battery replacement instructions don’t include tightening all the screws that hold down the edges of the circuit boards and other parts. Bad connections cause dead and damaged batteries. Several of the screws hold down boards at gold corners that made me think they need grounding. Taking the bottom off and turning it upside down yielded a black 1/2” screw from the back corner opposite the MagSafe falling on the desk. Several other screws were quite loose despite having blue thread-locker on them. Now the charger works! (This is similar to electrical problems in cars caused by loose ground cables and straps.)


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Feb 17, 2008
Fort Worth, Texas
Newer MacBook Pro machines do not use screws to hold down the battery. Apple has designed it so the battery is glued in. The entire top case including the keyboard have to be changed in order to change out a battery in of those machines. Also, it's very unlikely for any screws to come loose that hold down the logic board. You might be referring to older model machines?