MacBook Pro only boots in safe mode with pink vertical stripes across screen

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by alyssaisrad93, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I have a 15 inch, early 2011 MacBook Pro running 10.6.8. Friday night I was using Chrome, when all of a sudden little squares of light flashed randomly across the whole screen and everything but the mouse froze. I thought that was weird, so after a few minutes I forced my computer to shutdown. I waited a little and then turned it back on, and opened Chrome again. The same thing happened again, so I forced shut down, backed up Time Machine and ran a virus scan. Nothing came up, so I put it to sleep and and went to bed. Then Saturday morning I went to open my laptop and it was off, which was weird, so I went to turn it on. After the apple logo and spinning gear went away, it booted to a light blue screen and stayed there. Again I waited and nothing happened, so I held the power button down until it turned off. I tried again but the same thing happened, so I booted in Safe Mode.

    This time there were inch long vertical bars of horizontal lines, kind of confusing but here are two pictures I took of the screen that hopefully help. and When it finally loaded I had another issue, I had 6 pink vertical bars across the screen and a box of pink horizontal stripes around my pointer, I performed an extended Apple Hardware Test and after 17 minutes it found no issues, and as it performed the test the lines got whiter and made the screen harder to see

    I got my laptop June 2011, so it's not that old. I just want to know what this problem could be. I don't know if it's the connection from the screen to the computer, the hard drive, the logic board or something else. I'm really worried that it's something major, so any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!
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    I would say hold opition and try to get in to recovery.
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    I recently experienced the same issue. For me the screen would also blank out while I was using the laptop and rebooting caused the display to have issues. I believe it is a logic board issue. In order to arrive at this conclusion:

    1. did a clean reinstall of OS to ensure it wasn't funky I had recenly installed was causing issue.
    2. swapped out memory in case one stick had gone bad - tested one stick at a time
    3. swapped out hard drive to make sure drive wasn't going bad
    4. disconnected external monitor, to elimicate it was a gpu thing

    Ultimately brought it to a Genius at the store and he agreed it was probably the logic board. Currently my machine is in for repairs.
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    Feb 15, 2015
    Pink and white stripes on Mac mini - replace pram battery it fixes it

    I Took my mid 2011 Mac bought in March 2012 to Apple Store at Village pointe Omaha at 4.30pm my case id 747399216 the genius connected it to a V7 17 inch monitor and told my logic board is dead!
    even though I told him it was working each time I booted with Pram reset by comm and + option + p +r he snubbed!
    HE simply connected a Mac air through the same Thunder bolt to via and say see this laptop display is picked up by the v7 monitor yours is blank because the display is dead. I told him I was using a hdmi to a Visio 26"tv at 1360x768 resolution at 60 hz and never uused any adapters he won't listen.
    I did contest him how he can expect a Mac mini to adjust to a new external display like that of a laptop, as laptops do adapt since they need to plug to any projection output. He simply joked what difference both are computers!
    i Also reasoned why they don't change the pram battery as it is 3 years old and apple puts in only a regular CR2032 battery! He again snubbed " no in your case it doesn't seem to be the problem". You see the logic board I'd dead, it's the most expensive of this least expensive Mac mini either pay $300for the board and $90 for the labour total $390 and you will get it in 7 days as I have to order it, Alternatively buy a new 2014 Mac mini for $499 only, only thing is you can't put RAM into it as it's not removable! Consider your options and let me know!".
    At this moment I decided to try the battery replacement myself told him I will think over and come back in 1-3 days. I headed straight to L street Walmart picked up TS99818A ultra tough ultra steel 44 piece precision screwdriver bits set $6.97 and energizer 2 pack CR2032 batteries $4.97 so with taxes for less than $12, I wanted to fix it myself! I used the instructions and in 1hour as I was over cautious, I got it done! Plugged in and switched on not even the lights came on! Then I opened again to know I forgot to plug the fan connector. So did that and finally closed the box and plugged hdmi and power cord, well I say the white screen then the Normal Mac boot it was fixed!
    I did login and play a few itunes videos, then you tube, rebooted, shutdown multiple times in various intervals to be very sure.
    Waited over night and tried today morning 2/15 and it is working just as normal!
    I just would say Apple check your Genius's IQ please we can't be paying for their dumb brains!
    All who face this problem of pink and white vertical stripes, pink and white bars, pink and white lines with AHT no problem, change your PRAM batteries! 2011 models the PRAM dies in 2014-2015 that is all you need fixing, if apple can't help you can do it yourself!
    Thanks and Regards,
    Shankar Raj.J
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