MacBook Pro or iMac?


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Jun 12, 2012
Howdy everyone. Like many others here, im pretty dissappointed by no new iMac. I'd appreciate some input on my first Apple computer purchase!

I am looking at the 13" base model MacBook Pro upgraded to 8gb ram, or base model 21" iMac with 8gb of ram. Both would be $1299. Portability would be convienient, but it's not nessesary for me. I'm mostly interested in getting the most processing power for the buck, and how long it will be of usable service to me. I play around with photoshop occationally, and I would like to be able to Diablo III possibly. Mostly it will be light computing really, lots of excel, web surfing, digital images, google sketchup, etc.. Thanks for the advice!
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