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Oct 23, 2010

Hello all! My name is Stone aka James. I am restarting my "helpfulness" here on MacRumors. But first, I need to get something figured out that has been driving me crazy.

I currently am using a 21.5" iMac from late 2009. I am in high school, and my dad and I switched so he is now using my old 20" iMac since he doesn't use it much. He uses his iPad more than anything. Over the summer I bought a MacBook Air with my own money. It is the 11" version just the basic model.

Now before you go all "youngster" on me, let me say something. I am a wildlife photographer, and I have a need to be portable and powerful at a ranch in Encinal, Texas. I also plan to travel to Costa Rica, and Nantucket. Keep in mind that this traveling will obviously be without an iMac.

So my friend from Costa Rica is interested in buying my MacBook Air from me. So, should I save up $900 to buy the 15" MacBook Pro and then give my dad back his iMac? Money is not an issue, as I try very hard to save up for what I want. I think that the 17" Pro is too big to be portable.

I am really liking my 21.5" iMac, but I also think if I were to trade for the Pro, I would like to have a used Cinema Display as my main monitor.

My uses: Minor video editing from time to time, Aperture constantly, Photoshop occasionally, Mac Apps, Snapseed, Safari, Mail, iTunes.

I love the Air, but the 11" screen gets tedious to work with, and I really do want my dad to be able to have his 21.5 iMac back as the other one is very slow. SO is the MacBook Pro worth saving up for? And is it worth getting an external monitor or should I be able to get used to the 15"? Also, should I get a high resolution glossy or a high resolution antiglare?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 18, 2011
you need to calm down. maybe next time just ask the question or use the search bar to find hundreds of people who want the same advice and seem to have the same "problem". it all seems like a personal preference to me. if you have been using the air for some time and it works but is too small, why would upgrading to a MBP not be worth it? obviously your only dilemma is screen size and resolution. the bigger the better right? be calm and carry on to a new MBP.
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