MacBook Pro Orientation?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pvanberlo, Mar 17, 2013.

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    something I always wondered about, does it matter if I place my rMBP with the fan/back side down or if I place it with the front down? Are there potential pressure issues? I recently looked into getting an AluRack, but want to have the best possible airflow in clamshell mode. Usually people place their devices with the back side down (Apple logo looks normal), but I'm thinking about placing it front down so there is nothing blocking the fan exhaust.


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    Why do you need it to sit on it's front or back? It has a bottom that is exclusively designed to come in contact with a surface for the purpose of supporting itself for use.
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    Are you saying you want to run your MBP with the lid closed, but upside-down? As in, the laptop itself is closed, but you're laying it on the screen (instead of the base)?

    There's nothing wrong with that, no. The rMBP's thermal design is spectacular though, and has been shown to resist thermal throttling except in the craziest situations (i.e., CPU and GPU both running at max).
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    Reading comprehension failure above me.

    The Alurack attaches to the back of an iMac or Thunderbolt Display.
    There are reports of people hearing fans run more in the displaed configuration. As heat rises and venting I to the back, I'd put it hinge side up for piece of mind. Who cares if the Apple logo is upside down?
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    More like I didn't take the time to Google and thoroughly inspect an obscure laptop stand.

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