Macbook Pro Peripheral Advice (monitors, mice, stands etc.)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by AJ.G, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. AJ.G, Apr 9, 2011
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    AJ.G macrumors member

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    Hello Macrumors,
    After a lot of debating here and there about what to buy, i have settled on the MBP 13" i5. I will be upgrading to 8 GB RAM, with a 60 GB SSD in the optibay later on, but first i need to set up my set up.:D
    I really want to invest in an external monitor to set up at home, to hook the MBP up to. I want a Dell monitor, for they seem pretty good bang for buck. But i simply cant pick one. I would like anything from 18"-24", from the 120-240 USD price range, but heres the catch, i also really want a USB port, prefferably on the back, not sticking out from the side.
    The monitor will be used for all the everyday stuff from time to time, but mainly for photoshop. Im only a student and this is all my money, so im not looking to get a super high quality, extremely high resolution monitor, that the pros use, just a nice little screen i can hook my MBP to. So if anybody has any experiences, preferences, or advice about monitors, please post.
    Id also be getting the mStand, beautiful thing, along with great ergonomics, which means id be in need of an external keyboard and mouse. I was thinking magic trackpad? Is it any good for photoshop, otherwise i already have a wireless logitech mouse that i love, or a wired dell mouse, so i dont need the magic trackpad. And for keyboards, again, does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thanks for reading the long post, i know i type too much..:p

    EDIT: i found this,

    and it says it has a minidisplay port. does that mean there are mindisplay port to minidisplay port cables? If so, are they and better than VGA? as in is the quality higher, or smoother, or thers no difference?

  2. Sossity, Apr 9, 2011
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    I know it is not a dell, but I just got a good deal on a 20 in apple cinema display, & it has 2 usb ports & a firewire 400 port on the back, I got it from ebay, you can get one for alot less than what apple would charge, just have to be careful about seller ratings & look closely at descriptions, & it is a good quality panel.

    Also check amazon at Acer monitors;

    you could also look at amazon for Dell monitors while you are there.

    What ever monitor you get, & this happened with me when I got mine, is you may need a minidsplay port to DVI adapter as the newer macbook pros use this, at least my 2010 i7 does.

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