MacBook Pro R. (early) 2015 running hot...


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Oct 26, 2014
Okay I have a MBPR 2015 6100. So right now I have 10.11 but even before i update even on 10.10.3 it was running hot now my question is i had it under Scaled `More Spaces` @ 1680*1050, Having it on this res. Will it make it run it hotter then normal ?? Its just I've had other MBP R 2014 models and they never ran this hot before .... Also 10.11 runs so much better then 10.10.3 ... Thanks :cool:


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Aug 3, 2006
I don't feel like my 2015 13" rMBP runs hot. I'm running at 1680x1050 resolution as well.


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Feb 21, 2005
I am running my 2015 13" rMBP @ 1920x1200 (custom) and it doest not run hot, so 1680x1050 should be fine.


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Typically the 13" retina does not run hot, high temps are generally associated with the 15" being a owner & user of the 15" MacBook Pro forever; Over the years the 15" has frequently struggled with it`s thermals, especially when an external display is connected as the dGPU switches on as default, internal temperatures soar;
  • Elevate the rear, aluminium passive coolers generally work best (I use RainDesign`s mStand & iLap)
  • Increase base fan RPM to 3K or as much as you are comfortable with (MacsFanControl or SMC Fan Control)
  • Swap out Chrome for Chrome Canary as it`s way more optimised for OS X and will extend battery run time, reduce thermals
  • Swap out VLC for Movist as again it`s a reduced load on CPU/GPU
  • Uninstall or block Flash
  • Powered coolers are very much a "mixed bag" when it comes to Mac portables, you need one that has a high capacity (100 CFM minimum) and preferably a large single fan, this can help to keep the 15" internal fans below 4K which for many is good enough as often it`s this point and beyond where the fans become intrusive. Don't expect a powered cooler impact internal temperatures, beyond a couple of degrees
  • Cleaning the cooling system is also an option, depending on which year, the complexity varies. A good an indication as any is the environment.
  • Replacing the thermal paste has been hit & miss, some with very positive results, some with no improvement over stock. Personally I would only do this on a Mac Portable that was either very old, or one that I can confirm was definitely running hotter than stock.
The key to a quiet life with a 15" MacBook Pro is several incremental changes that do add up to reduce thermals. From my experience over the years if your going to push a 15" hard the fans are going to max out fast, with associated noise. If your using it with a moderate load life can be made cooler & quieter. For the most part the 15" MBP runs hot as that`s how Apple designed it, the trade of for form over, function, thin & light...

The old adage still applies; it`s easier to keep a system cool, than cool-down an already hot machine. This being said it`s not strictly necessary, equally it`s nice to know that there are options for reducing temperature out there :apple: My own 2014 13" rarely if ever heats up or spools up the fan. Remember if your running 10.11 its Beta, so it may impact the thermals of the system.

More on cooling

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