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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by gazfocus, Dec 4, 2008.

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    I have a 2.16Ghz C2D MBP and I took 2GB Ram out of my Sony Vaio before giving the Sony to my dad. However, when I put the 2GB stick in my MBP (along with the original 1GB stick) the MBP will very rarely turn on, although it does on occasions.

    Is it because the RAM is incompatible or is it likely the RAM is faulty?

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    It is probably incompatible. It worked in the Sony after all.
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    Not a lot to go on there. Macs are allegedly picky when it comes to ram, that's why they charge a premium for it. (Or at least that's what they say.)

    When the MBP does boot up, does it show the 2 gig stick, or only show 1 gig in total?

    DDR 2 5200 ram is cheap these days. Best Buy and Office Depot have sales on the 2 gig sticks on a regular basis. BB: $42.99 for PNY 2gig sticks; OD: $24 for one gigs. Generally, they seem to alternate between ram discounts on their weekly ads.

    Go to the apple guy at the best buy when he's not being swarmed, and ask him if the ram on sale this week will work in your rig. They're usually pretty good and honest on this subject (though they may look over their shoulder first to see if a manager is watching them).

    Also, I believe your machine will only actually use 3.3 gigs of ram, even though it will see and recognize all 4 gigs. It's a hardware limitation, my 2.16 C2D white imac is the same.
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    Go to about this Mac.

    Does one DIMM say 1GB DDR2 Speed 667 Status OK and the other say 2GB and the other things?

    You have to put DDR2-667 PC2-5300 200-pin RAM. I recommend you put in 2X2GB to take advantage of dual channel memory.

    I highly doubt it is a bad stick, but until you say what kind of memory it is it is a little hard to say if they are compatible. It is possible you didn't put it in all the way, you damaged it while taking it out or putting it in, or it is just the wrong stick.

    I recommend you go with OWC RAM for $49.00 but not free shipping and it has a lifetime warranty or This G.SKILL set on Newegg for $39.99, free shipping, and a limited lifetime warranty.

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