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Jun 1, 2017

My Mid 2010 13" MacBook Pro died in the middle of class last December before finals. It was somewhere around 60% and then it shut off. It powered on again for a few minutes, just enough for me to put my password in, then it shut off again. By the time i got home, it wouldn't power on again at all.

When I plug it in now, it charges (MagSafe light is orange) and when I try to start it, the light turns green again before returning to orange. Nothing else happens, the front LED doesn't turn on, and it makes no sounds. Fortunately the hard drive was fine and I was able to recover my files on a different Mac. I've tried things like an SMC reset, taking the battery out swapping it, taking the RAM out, and even an SMC bypass.

When I try an SMC bypass, the fan spins for a brief second when I press the power button, then stops, and literally nothing else happens.

If anyone could help me in getting this machine working again, I'd truly appreciate it.
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