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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RichardBeer, Feb 4, 2011.

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    I was using my Macbook Pro as usual when all of a sudden aMSN began giving me errors, which isn't unusual as it doesn't seem to be too stable on OS X. Upon trying to quit the application, the OS semi-locked up. So I rebooted and the MBP now just hangs at the white screen. My actions were as follows-

    1) Attempted a few boots, the problem didn't go away, so since the apple logo wasn't loading, my first suspect was the hardrive not being found. So I opened up the MBP to check that it wasn't loose but everything was connected fine.

    2) Next I attempted to boot from an Ubuntu LIve CD in order to see if I could at least get access and to possibly test the RAM. However this is where it got odd. The cd would not boot, nor could I eject it with the eject button or force eject. And no drives appear when holding alt. Holding C to boot the CD didn't work either.

    3) This leads me to suspect that it isn't a problem with the hardrive and is likely some sort of logic board or RAM error that can't be diagnosed due to the white screen that hides the boot text. And the aMSN caused lock up prior to the problem may just be a coincidence as the OS doesn't even load up therefore suggesting a hardware fault.

    My question is if anyone has any input as to the problem and also, if I have to take this in to the Apple Store to be fixed (I am covered with Apple Care), will they perform repairs despite the fact that my hardrive is a third party OCZ SSD. Or will they just say that the third party hardware is the problem and refuse to support it?

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