MacBook Pro replacement return label/packaging?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jafico1, Oct 26, 2018.

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    Jul 7, 2018
    Hi all,

    My MacBook Pro 2018 (the second one so far) has had a few issues, mostly relating to the keyboard (right Shift key is unreliable) and one of the fans is loud on it (sounds like the ball bearing has gone). Apple have offered me a replacement machine for free under AppleCare, which is nice, but I'm a little confused, as they say they are going to send me a return label through FedEx, but no packaging to go with the return - I only have the box for the MBP itself as I got the second one from an Apple Store. Has anyone else had any experience with Apple replacements/knows how packaging works?

    Many thanks! :)
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    You are likely supposed to return the defective machine in the same shipping box the new one arrives in. The label will be in your box. Just pack your defective machine back in the Apple boxes with all accessories and stick it in the shipping box.
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    Jul 7, 2018
    That would make a lot of sense, but Apple will only send me the new machine once they receive the old one :(. Luckily my college can loan me a 2012 MBP (non-retina) for the time being (which I'm using right now), but it's still bad compared to my replacement experience with Dell (where they do what you described), even if the rest of their customer service is garbage.

    Here's what I got in my email:
    FedEx will send you an email with instructions for printing a shipping label so you can return your original product.

    Securely attach the label to your shipment. Then call FedEx to schedule a pickup, or take the package to a FedEx drop-off location where you can get a tracking number. Avoid leaving the package in a FedEx drop box.

    Once Apple receives your original product, we’ll place the order for your replacement. We will update you via email as soon as it ships.
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    you should pack original box with MBP into plain brown box
    do not send without outer brown box, it's a a big risk of damage
  5. lambertjohn macrumors 6502a

    Jun 17, 2012
    The email you got from Apple confirming your return, includes a link to print out your shipping label. You simply print out the label and stuff the defective MBP in its original box and slap the label on the box and take it to FedEx for shipping back to Apple. Then Apple sends you a new computer. Done. Not sure what you're confused about. You're getting a new box with the new computer, right? So use the old box to ship the defective computer back to Apple.
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    MAKE SURE that when the return shipping box and label arrives, that the return address (YOUR address) on the label is exactly what it's supposed to be.

    There was a recent thread here from someone who returned a MBP to Apple for repair/return, but the label Apple sent him had THE WRONG RETURN ADDRESS. When they sent the MBP back, somebody else received it and he got nothing. He had to go to small claims court to try to get Apple to send him another MBP. Not sure yet if he got this resolved.


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