MacBook Pro Reportedly Won't See Any Major Upgrades in 2018

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 15, 2018.

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    You serious, Clark?

    That was my entire point. It isn't necessary, but it's a nice feature for a lot of people. Just like the other examples I gave. You're so blinded by Touch Bar hate that you agree with me and don't even realize it.
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    I actually have no opinion on the Touch Bar at all as I don't own a machine with one. I'm simply pointing out the fact that people need to stop calling it a gimmick. Something being a gimmick is a fact, not an opinion, and I'm simply disputing your definition of it.
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    Original poster requested “MacBook Pro without touchbar”, they didn’t make mention about “top of the range”.

  3. simoss23, Jan 17, 2018
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    Jan 17, 2018
    I hope it's just a joke. There is a lot to be done. There is many reason I restrained from upgrading my MacBook Pro retina 2015, and I guess everybody knows why. The silly idea of removing Magsafe. Replacing a keyboard that works well. Removing all the useful ports and replacing them with usb-c...etc. No memory card reader. Needless Touch Bar. Personally I see it as a suicide. I can't believe that apple has been able to sell these laptops. I tried hard to convince myself to buy the new MacBook Pro but unfortunately it did not work :).
    In summary If that's true I will have to wait until 2019 to upgrade my Mac if they decide to fix all the issues that actually many people complained about.
  4. KPOM macrumors G5

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    TB3 ports. Not simply USB-C. Apple isn’t going to go back. They may tweak the keyboard as it does seem to be troublesome. I could see them offering more non-Touch Bar options but see it as a long shot. That said, I don’t see any major redesign until 2020 the earliest. As for MagSafe, I don’t know why they don’t offer an Apple-branded USB-C charging cable with a MagSafe breakaway connector. But the Griffin version works for up to 60W.
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    Sep 22, 2017
    It is hilarious people are still hung up on having magsafe when even it had downsides. It’s been on it’s way out since Macbook 2015, that was always clear. Plus being able to plug USB-C charge in any direction of the notebook is a plus now.

    Forget your magsafe? It is almost as simple as getting a USB-C cord now, even the Macbook brick will work, albeit slower charge.
  6. travelsheep, Jan 17, 2018
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    2018? Have the intern select two new colors from a choice of rose gold and gold and update the website with the awesome new color choices.
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    My last understanding was that there is an issue with Intel's available chipsets and their ability to support the type of memory that Apple would need in order for the MBP to use 32GB in it's current configuration. (Not to mention Intel's issues with fabbing their current die shrink.) Plus a good chunk of Apple's Mac hardware team may be devoted to the (allegedly) upcoming pro desktop. While I'm sure they can afford to hire more engineers, they may not strategically want to undertake two major hardware upgrades in the same product category at the same time. So given all those things, I find this news unsurprising, if a little disheartening.

    Though from the sound of things, a new MBP may need more than just processor and memory upgrades. People are having serious issues with the keyboards? Again, unsurprising. Apple has been steadily introducing worse and worse keyboards for what seems like 30 straight years. Like dating back to the Keyboard II, somehow every subsequent model has managed to be a little worse. For all I open my MPB anymore, I don't much care, but it would still be nice to know it's there (and functional) when I need it.
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    Correct. Apple would need to use different RAM, which would require more space and power.
  9. stfwayne macrumors regular

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    You made a mistake selling it

    Under Apple Care, if they replace a part more than 3x (in this case a keyboard), they are obligated to give you the value you paid for the Macbook to buy something else or replace it with an upgraded version
  10. Ener Ji macrumors 6502

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    Is this formally documented somewhere?
  11. drsal macrumors newbie

    Jan 21, 2018
    My sentiments exactly. I only last night put in an order for an ThinkPad X270 to replace an ageing MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2013) which has developed trackpad issues. The current MBP have a poor keyboard which I can't get past.

    I've been using Mac's since the 80's but loyalty has a limit. I can't see Apple changing their ways without sending a loud and clear message to them. They've failed to bring out a midsize modular Mac, a proper Mac Pro and have (in spite of what other people may say) have brought out a MacBook Pro which doesn't deserve the Pro moniker. I'll suffer through Windows (too) until changes are made.
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    I think I'm on the same page with you. I've been wishing they would update the Mini more often. They really need a good home user machine that is not a notebook nor an all-in-one. Can't they just update the Mini with coffee lake pretty easily?
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    Went down the same road months ago. Apple far more wants my endorsement than it actually wants my custom these days. I need powerful portable solutions not "eye candy" with auto fail keyboards. To me the singular design philosophy of "thinner at all costs" is simply resulting in compromised products, diminishing returns and all.

    While I still don't love W10 and it's haphazard GUI, I personally have absolutely no complaints regarding the stability and performance of the OS. As a professional user W10 categorically puts macOS to shame, never incurring a single lock up or crash in now over a year of professional use, in comparison my Mac's can barely manage a working week without incurring a software issue.

    Over 20 years with the Mac both professionally and recreationally, I for one never thought I too would switch to Windows, equally Apple forced that by devolving the Mac into the mess it is today...

  14. lupinglade macrumors regular

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    Same here, AMD is just junk from my experience. Always underperforming.
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    What downsides were there to MagSafe, exactly? It's saved several of my customers from serous laptop damage from kids/pets catching the power cord and pulling the computer off a counter/table/desk?
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    flat five

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    buying a (expensive) replacement every year.. the thing is flakey and not entirely reliable..

    also, it doesn't charge unless it's perpendicular.. if the computer is in a backpack and you want to plug it in, the magnet can get pushed off-angle which means it's not charging when you think it is.

    doesn't work well near the edge of a surface.. if the cord is dangling down, it pulls the plug out of alignment leading to no power.. so the cord has to get supported in such a way as to allow proper connection.

    idk, those things must be the worst customer reviewed items at Apple.. check it:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.32.40 AM.png

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    So will the MacBook Pros that are built in early 2018 possibly have quality control issues if they come from Foxconn? Since a major upgrade is not expected, would it be safer to purchase the MacBook Pro now over waiting for a minor refresh in the coming months?
  18. sublunar macrumors 6502a

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    I'd always advocate leaving it a few months after a new product comes out to get rid of early run problems anyway. If Quanta were the sole manufacturers of the 2016 model (and potentially the 2017 model too) and Apple are shifting some production to Foxconn one conclusion is that the statement about reducing costs and risks means that Foxconn can help make these more effectively with fewer problematic units requiring warranty service or replacement.

    I'll reiterate that no major update for me doesn't preclude an iterative spec bump in terms of CPU/GPU combinations but integral stuff like the keyboard, screen, trackpad and battery should remain unchanged apart from perhaps minor engineering changes like the keyboard shims that have been introduced. I've seen a few accounts of people with 2016 keyboards being replaced with 2017 edition ones and I take this as evidence perhaps of a design flaw with the 2016.

    People are concluding that the keyboard issues are entirely design flaws but could it actually be (partially) manufacturing flaws being alleviated by introducing Foxconn into the manufacturing side of things? After all they generally do a decent job with the phones and therefore the 2018 model of MacBook Pro - being the third iteration of the 2016 range - may prove to be more reliable than its predecessors following a little re-engineering by Apple following the 2016/17 experience.
  19. tipoo macrumors 6502

    Jan 5, 2017

    Performance wouldn't scale linearly with core count for one, and efficiency may not scale as well at the actively cooled end as many expect.

    Third, do you know how expensive that much cache would be in a consumer machine? It's the most expensive memory on the planet.
  20. fr3nk macrumors newbie

    Feb 25, 2018
    And this?
    Could be a major or minor upgrades?
    Wow...Coffe Lake Core i7-8700 6cores, L3 12MB, 32GB RAM.
    Really? .... We'll see ....
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    The wire got brittle and started fires for one.

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    That’s just a desktop Hackintosh masquerading as a 2017 MBP.
  23. phphreak macrumors member

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    Wow. As someone considering getting a refurb 2017 13” MacBook Pro, this really gives me pause. Is the keyboard really that unreliable?
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    I miss MagSafe a bit, but only because it was a slimmer plug that made it more comfortable to use a plugged in laptop in my lap. As for MagSafe as a safety feature, I’ve found that the USB-C cable detaches quite easily... maybe a little too easily even. It comes right out with even a modest tug.
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