Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch Buying Advice 2015

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kraven, Feb 28, 2015.

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    I'm having trouble deciding on whether to purchase the current generation (Macbook Pro Mid 2014) today or wait until June for the update.

    I need it for Final Cut editing. Currently using an old 2008 Macbook Pro.

    I can get the current (Mid 2014) top of the line model for $250 less than the retail online. But should I wait a few more months for the revision/update?

    Below is a review I read and someone made a good point on just buying the current release. But I was hoping to get some advice on thoughts on the forum members here. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

    Below is the amazon review that made a good point:

    Here is the excerpt:"
    I am not the person who needs the latest and greatest if making a large financial investment. Rather, I am most concerned with the most reliable and durable. While I really enjoy the reviews from tech agencies that review a brand new MacBook Pro just a few days after it is released, at that point there is absolutely no way of knowing the long-term reliability, and if that machine has design issues that will be problematic down the road. When shelling out almost 3 grand on a laptop, I consider this to be critical information. Therefore, I think the best time to buy is AFTER the new-release nostalgia has ended.

    I find that premier releases of a new product are generally not as consistent as the revision of that product, or later productions. This has been my experience with the iPhones I have owned (3G & 3Gs, 4 & 4s, 5 & 5s), the premier MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro’s (for example, the antenna & home button issues with the iPhone 4 were corrected with the 4s, and the LG screen issues with the MacBook Pro Retina was corrected with a different LG screen model only after the Pro had been in production for some time.)

    So when it comes to the question of if now is a good time to buy, I feel that if you like the current features of this computer that now is a great time. Most of the hardware quirks have been fixed and the long-term data Apple has gotten back from earlier owners have allowed them make continuing revisions to improve the machine (these computers get small changes all the time…not just with the formally advertised revisions.) With many User Reviews, you now also have a very precise idea of what to expect."
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    Could you provide another link? It doesn't work, thanks.
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    If you need it now just buy it but if your current machine can handle it for a couple of months then wait, at least this is what I would have done.
    The July's upgrade was minor although it gave 16gb ram to the 15" base model but the next upgrade will be broadwell most probably.
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    here you go:


    You're right. It's probably gonna skip haswell and go straight to broadwell.
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