Macbook pro screen hinge problem, battery and bluray upgrade(Pre unibody)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by imanz90, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    Iv had my macbook pro for probably a little bit under two years, I bought it when i started college and I am currently finishing my second year. I cannot complain about the performance at all as I have it upgraded to a solid state hard drive and 4GB of ram and the machine is a beast but some physical aspects of it do bother me a little bit. When living in the dorms last year it was hard to keep the machine in top shape especially when I had no idea where my desk was under the pile of GROSS in the room :p, thankfully I live in an apartment now.

    Anyways the problem that bothers me the most is the monitor hinge. I have seen this on a few laptops after a few years but basically when the LCD is open i can tap it lightly from behind and it will shake in a way it did not when it was first bought. It seems like it is a bit lose either right around the LCD or in the hinge area. I do not mind spending a few bucks and I am very good with my hands and computers in general, currently studying engineering, so I do not mind opening it up and doing some tweaks. Is there anything i can buy to improve this with or tutorial I can read on improving it? I would imagine this is a problem that would affect alot of people with this model of macbooks and as I never really did anything to cause this.

    Secondly is the macbook pro paint/casing material. For some reason even on the inside area of the laptop where your palms would be when typing there is some damage due to prolonged use. Especially on the left side the paint has started to remove and turn lightly black. Does anyone know of a way to touch this up?

    The last thing but pretty importantly also is my battery. I have not replaced my battery in quite some time and am starting to notice this ALOT. Its kinda a pain in the ass when I need to plug in my laptop in class after 30 minutes of use or turn the brightness down to the point where I can no longer see the screen. Is there a battery out there that is better in quality than the standard mac one because from what I have seen that battery is pretty terrible. Unfortunately i was a few serial numbers away from the recall and did not receive a free one :(.

    Thanks for the help. On top of everything if anyone knows of any other upgrades for this machine to improve overall performance let me know. I want this thing to live until I am done with my college+grad program and at the moment it seems like it just might!

    EDIT: Oh I also almost forgot to ask! I was planning on remove my super drive and replacing it with a special cage + second solid state drive for more space and raid 0 for faster performance and replace it with an external blu ray drive, OR just replacing the internal superdrive with a blu ray drive as it has been giving me read problems alot lately. Does anyone know WHICH drives would be supported, i prefer buying from newegg if possible. I don't see why just about any drive would be supported but then again I have no experience with blu ray + OS X, only with Windows. I would be using the drive for watching movies mostly.
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    OS X will not read Blu-Ray discs. You can still use the drive for watching DVD's (Pretty sure) but you'll need to boot into Windows if you want to watch a Blu-Ray, atleast for the time being, maybe when (if?) Apple add blu-ray to their iMac's/MBP's there will be OS X support.
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    You might be able to access the blueray drive in Windows in a virtual machine, but otherwise you might have to use bootcamp.

    The hinge problem sounds like something is loose. You can try taking it apart and taping it, and watching what shakes. If it looks like the hinge itself is loose, there is a bolt on each one you can tighten. If it looks like where the hinge attaches to the LCD or body of the computer is loose, there might be some screws or something you can find to tighten there. I know on Dell computers at least, the screws in the hinge area that hold the hinge to the computer often become loose and let the display shake. I haven't seen anything like that on my MBP, but it's possible. The iFixit guide might help you figure out what to look at.

    I don't think there are any batteries better than the stock apple one. There are some that might claim more capacity than the original, but be careful because not all aftermarket battery manufacturers are reputable (in fact, probably most of them are not). Be wary of any battery that claims significantly more capacity than the original. battery technology hasn't really improved that much since your MBP was sold, and chances are some random battery company won't be able to do much better than Apple. OWC makes an aftermarket battery that claims an extra 2Wh (3%, which you will probably never notice), and I don't know about this battery specifically, but OWC generally sells good products.
    If in doubt, buy from Apple.

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