Macbook Pro Screen Resolution Font Size Nightmare

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by nicksoper, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I am trying to help a friend with a problem, he just got a new unibody 17inch macbook pro and the (native) screen resolution is a joke, everything is tiny, headache inducing tiny.(Sorry if this has already been looked at)

    I have made the screen resolution lower, this does exactly what the doctor ordered (makes everything bigger, system wide), but it makes the nice, shiny, expensive screen look blurry.

    So is there any way to increase the size of everything, without changing the screen resolution? I know you can increase the font size in specific applications, but that's a ball ache.

    I suppose what we really need is resolution independence, but seeming as that's not available yet, does anyone have any smart ideas?

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    Try playing with the system settings in system preferences:

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    Individual applications can be set to a resolution you find comfortable - the vast majority have display options which can be set accordingly.

    Use the finder's view menu to increase size of icons and text both on the desktop and in the finder. Personally I have a 17" MBP with the same resolution screen and find it perfectly easy to read, but maybe that's just me (although my eyesight isn't that great).
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    Font Sizes

    Thanks for far.

    mcavjame: Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately you cannot manipulate any font sizes in that window.

    tersono: Thanks for your suggestion, I forgot about the finder preferences, this should help with those windows.

    The main problem is actual MS Office files, where when they open you have to re-do the view options each and every time you open a file, which is a bit of a ball ache.

    Any more ideas or applications maybe would be appreciated!
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    Same problem here. I tried to talk a (older) friend out of buying a 17" macbook for his wife (and him) because of this very reason. He runs 800x600 on his windows and has huge fonts. I tried to explain even though the screen is large it has more pixels which would just cause problems. He insisted on getting it anyway. I was able to increase the font in Mail, and the icons / text in Finder. Their real complaint is not being able to increase the menu font size which I can understand. It seems like the menu is fixed and cannot be changed.

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