Macbook Pro Serial Numbers?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ColdFlame87, Jul 16, 2006.

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    Hello everyone in a few weeks i will have enought money to get the entry level Macbook Pro 15" 2.0 Ghz my original plan was to get it from apple with student discount and the free ipod nano (which i really have no need for since i already have an ipod). I then noticed that the computer was being sold at amazon with 150 dollar rebate plus the ability to not pay tax which brings my savings to about 150 dollars under what i would have payed, im planning to go down that path instead but I had read somewhere that the Macbook Pros had a number of small revisions to fix any bugs that arose from its initial release. The ability to differentiate between these newer models is that they had new serial numbers, does anyone know what the serial number of the most current revision of the MBP is so I can make sure i get the most up to date computer from Amazon. I matched serials with those found on apples site but the one on amazon end with /A and i was wondering if that meant it was revision A or something else as apples serial is MA600LL and Amazons is MA600LL/A any help would greatly be appreciated
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    If it was anything like my Intel iMac you won't know until you turn it on. I say this because I went through 5-6 iMacs at the AppleStore one night trying to get an iMac with the 256VRAM and no matter what # was on the side of the box, even if the same lot, the build #'s were different.
    I went through Amazon and bought a stock iMac and prayed it had the older install dvd with it, which it did :) If anything you could always call Apple and request an exchange of said dvd (build) as they were willing to do this with the iMacs.
    Good luck...

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