MacBook Pro shuts off when holding sideways

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by reloadxero, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Hello first post.

    I have a Macbook pro(5,1 Early 2009) which i took apart sometime ago to replace the heatsink and may have messed with a few cables. But all in all it works, it's just that sometimes when i grab it to switch places it shuts off completeley and won't even charge for at least 5 minutes or so. This seems to happen a lot lately when i hold it sideways. But from time to time it happens when i just grab and lift it.

    Note: I have an aftermarket charger which i bought off amazon for 19€, and my battery is close to death my os tells me to replace my battery immediately.

    I found temporary fix for it for after it happens so that i can get back power as fast as possible which is, after losing power i take out the battery for 10 seconds and plug it back in and remove the ac adapter from electricity outlet and remove electricity cord from adapter and hold the magsafe magnetic to the adapter electrical pins(in like think off it as to get rid off the bad electricty due to aftermarket charger) and plug everything back to its place and seems to fix it.

    But again its not a permanent solution i'd like to NOT have this problem at all. Many off you are going to say buy the original parts and replace battery, i'm also willing to do so but these parts are pretty expensive. And what i really like to know is, why does this happen?

    I'm ready to give further informartion as asked. But as of now I don't know what else I could add. Looking for help from the community.
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    A battery from 2009 should still hold a halfway decent charge. Which leads me to believe that the aftermarket charger probably did bad things to your battery. Something might be lose with the power connections either internally or with the 3rd party charger and when you move your laptop a certain way, its probably cutting power and shutting down. Or maybe the battery is lose in the laptop and the connections there are becoming disconnected. But really, as soon as you said third party charger and I replaced stuff on the inside, it could be anything... Good luck.
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    perhaps the cpu is being treated as if it has overheated? such as a loose heatsink that once removed(i dont know if theres a circuit on the cpu to tell) it powers off until a cool down timer expires.

    Or the battery cables are damaged in some way.

    Or theres something shorting out that only happens for a sec but the laptop goes into a waiting period before allowing its self to power back on.

    So theres some other circuit that can tell when a plate or access is removed and shuts down to prevent operation while its open.

    Just a couple thoughts.
  4. reloadxero, Feb 14, 2013
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I'll see if i can do something with the battery so i can fix it to its place. May be use a little piece of paper and fold it to fit it in the back so there won't be any movement. The battery holds up to 13 minutes (its on 681 cycles now) on itself when plugged out of electricity.

    I replaced the heatsink once, that being said i don't know if i did it correctly but ever since i have no more heating issues like i used to. But still i might have done something wrong. Are there any heat detector sensors that need to be plugged that i might have missed? Or is there a defined procedure of applying heatsink? I just used a thermal paste over both processors(CPU and GPU).

    All that said i too am afraid it's the aftermarket charger that i need to replace. And that alone will cost me 80€ here, i was saving to buy me ssd instead. But stability over performance.

    Becomes really annoying when right at the middle of something a slight touch can kill the laptop. I've been handling my macbook like a kitten asleep so it won't turn off but no matter what i do when it clicks it just goes off(so annoying).

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