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May 23, 2013
Glasgow, UK

I recently upgraded my 2012 13" MacBook Pro to include a Crucial Memory SSD. I placed the HD into the SuperDrive bay and put the SSD where the HD had been.

Whilst the various guides I consulted were helpful I don't feel that any conveyed how challenging this upgraded would be for me. I would describe my technical knowledge as being intermediate to advanced. However performing the upgrade as described above took me out of my comfort zone (especially knowing that my warranty was invalidated). What concerned me the most was fiddling about with the very small wires connecting the Bluetooth unit to the motherboard, etc.

In the end I was able to upgrade my MacBook Pro with no issues (with the hardware anyway). However, it has taken a lot of experimentation with setups to try and get my system working how I want it and (I think) I am finally there.

If I could do it all again I would leave the SuperDrive where it was, invest in the biggest SSD I was willing to spend money on and swap this with the existing HD. This would have saved me hours of time and grief.

I'm sure many of you will relish the thought of opening up your machine and swapping kit out. But, as I said, I was outwith my comfort zone and wish I had read a cautionary note before carrying out the upgrade.

That said, the upgrade has made my machine spectacularly fast :D


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Mar 7, 2013
The SuperDrive is made not to be easily replaceable; that's why it was harder than the regular HDD slot to replace. If I had a cMBP and I wanted to switch out the HDD, I would use a simple SSD-SuperDrive combo, not SSD-HDD because I might still need the SuperDrive since it's there and I would want all the performance of an SSD without having to copy over files all the time to the HDD to keep space (I'd invest in a 512-768 GB SSD).


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Jun 16, 2010
The Old Dominion
I was in the same boat and decided to leave the superdrive alone, unhooking so many cables made me nervous and luckily I chickened out because I found out that my prof I have in the fall requires everything to be turned in on disc.
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