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    Hey everyone

    I'm not very good when it comes to technology but hopefully I can give you enough details so that you can hopefully help me!

    I use imovies a lot to make videos. As soon as I do what I need, I delete them. I empty my "trash". I also empty the "trash" from the iphotos. This is what I always do but now I can't do anything with imovies. It won't even let me open it without getting an error message.

    I've gone into "movies" through the "user" folder that I get to through the desktop and when I click "get info" on that particular folder, it says there's over 85GB in there!!! I don't know much but I do know this is a hell of a lot. There are two folders in there, one called iMovie Library.imovielibrary and the other is the Theatre version. When I click into those folders, it just attempts to open imovies up which obviously doesn't happen because I keep getting a coded error message.

    Does anyone know where this stuff is storing so that I can delete it? It's driving me a bit nuts! Thanks.
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    Jul 8, 2011
    Both of those are the libraries where iMovies stores your projects and events. All you need to do to open them is right click>Show Package Contents. It will open the library for you with all the files you have worked on in the past or currently.

    You will need to be careful about what you delete in there. Some of those files should not be deleted. It has been some time since I experimented with which files could be deleted. So I can not give you a definitive answer on what to keep. I did find that if you do mess up, a simple reinstall of iMovie fixes it real quick.

    But if you go through the files within the Package Contents you will see old video clips and such that you may have deleted but iMovie library still has remnants laying around. Just use common sense in what you delete. My suggestion is, if you are unsure, then do not delete.

    Hope this helps you some.

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