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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rick98761, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Hey guys, the m key on my mac book has begun to stick. Unless I press it dead center it doesn't register. It's very annoying because I alwasy hit the tip of the m key when I type. Anyway this leads me to my question, It feels like if I try to take the key off to clean it, I will just end up breaking it. Is there a safe way to remove the key and see what is wrong?
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    i've got the same issue with a delete key on a new MBP. i'm gonna try taking it in to an apple store to have it cleaned/inspected, but I doubt that dirt is the only problem.

    Is this a recent issue, or has it always existed?
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    Feb 18, 2005
    Kansas City, MO
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    I had the opposite problem with my overly sensitive key that would register if you only brushed it, and would sometimes continue registering after I released it.

    I assume the MBP keys are the same as the PB's pretty easy to pop them off and check if anything is under there...don't be afraid to give it some muscle. They go back on fairly easily too. And if you break or lose one, the Apple Store will generally give you a replacement for free...not worth billing you for a two-cent part.

    My problem turned out to not be simple dirt under the key, so it required a keyboard replacement...I was without my PB for ten long days. Ugh.
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    May 9, 2005
    This just happened to my S key. The following is me pushing it 20 times in a row:
    ssssssssssss (12)
    Longshot you'd look at it after half a year, but did you ever get this solved, Rick? (or anyone). And what do you suggest using to pop it off and look under it?

    edit: fixed
    the soft plasic part that touches the circuit when you hit the key was way off center
  6. tgarza macrumors newbie

    Sep 1, 2009
    Fixed stuck key

    FYI...looked up threads concerning stuck keys and found this one. Had a stuck key issue that I was able to fix myself on my Mac Book Pro (pre-unibody 2008). Not sure HOW it occured but the "K" key looked like it had been smashed in on the bottom. Key still functioned but not well.
    1. Pulled out "K" key from the top--just snaps off. Looked fine.
    2. Pulled out "L" key (which was working normal) to see what a normal key should look like underneath the hood.
    3. If you do this you will notice that the plastic pieces underneath should lay flat, however you can lift one side up and it forms a criss-cross that lifts the other side up simultaneously. My "K" key had plastic pieces raised up and I saw this was caused by one of the notches that is in the middle of the criss-cross laying above rather than below the criss-cross area.
    4. So if this is your problem just adjust the notch on the bad key back under so that when the plastic pieces are at rest they lay flat.
    5. Next line up the lid notches with the top grooves of the plastic laying flat and push down with some force until you hear a snap and they snap into place.
    6. Works good as new.
  7. achilles84 macrumors newbie

    Mar 8, 2011
    Thank you!

    Thank you SO much for this!! I always thought it didn't work because my son banged on the keyboard too hard. This was super easy and saved me a lot of money :)

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    Feb 18, 2007
  9. nancywj219 macrumors newbie

    Apr 29, 2013

    This thread was SO helpful. I was ready to take my Macbook Pro to the Apple store when I read about lifting the stuck key. I didn't have enough courage to completely remove it but managed to lift it only to find a small staple under it. A piece of tape and voila, the key is fixed! Thanks to this forum....
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    Apr 23, 2016
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    tgarza, cant thank you enough, you saved my life... thanks so much, I was redirected here by thomas_r on apple support communities, and I am as happy as I can be right now, you saved me a lot of money too...

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