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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by SingularityG, May 15, 2015.

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    Hey guys!

    Yesterday, I've been getting this weird problem of hearing static louder hiss/buzz in my headphones >when I am not touching the Macbook<.

    Swapped headphones - nothing. When I remove charger - problem solved.

    So, I got a new charger and things went fine for a few hours, but then it re-appeared. Since then, sometimes it goes away, but it doesn't seem it's grounded most of the time.

    I am using a grounded Apple made charger. I am not experiencing feeling of electric current when touching the Macbook, just the sound issue. When I unplug the MagSafe, the static sound is gone.

    I also discovered that I am able to ground the Macbook through touching of my Wacom tablet.

    Please help:)

    EDIT: It doesn't effect the in-built speakers, just headphones.
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    1. First disconnect the headphones and Reset PRAM.

    2. The port might have dust in the them or something. Make sure the headphone's plug end is clean. Also take a toothpick and gently spiral just inside the Mac headphone port (with the Mac off) and twirl it sound just inside the port for one second. Then turn your Mac back on.
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    Thanks, man. I plugged the MacBook into a different power socket and the static was gone, so I plugged it back in where i normally have it and so far so good.

    I tried your suggestions and will post if the static re-appears.

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