MacBook Pro TB, 13" Battery Failure?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by montanaco, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. montanaco macrumors 6502


    Nov 1, 2016
    Hey guys, I don't think I've seen a thread on this so I just wanted to share my experience to see if anyone else had something similar happen.

    Basically, my TB MBP (13", 16gb ram, 256gb) was working beautifully since I got it in November, until yesterday, around half way through work the battery began to drain even while plugged in. Looking at the system report I could see it was getting 60 Watts from the charger but wasn't actually charging. I brought it home thinking maybe it was just the outlets at work, but nope, still dying. It would get to 0% die, turn back on for ten minutes, then die again, and so on–leading me to believe it was a receiving energy from the charger, just an extremely minimal amount.

    I made an appointment to go to the Apple Store that night and when I got there my computer was completely fried. Black screen, no low battery indicator, and no chargers were working on it. So they took it and are giving me a replacement or repairing it within 5-7 days.

    I love the touch bar models to death so I'm really hoping this isn't a recurring issue, but I am curious to know if any of you guys had something similar happen?

    PS. It was my work & home computer so I whipped out my old 2011 MBP to get me through the work week and while it does think it's December 31st, 2000, it's still working great haha.
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    Jun 25, 2010
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    Same thing happened to me...took it to Apple and they gave me a new laptop on the spot (I had only had it less than two weeks so maybe that's why they swapped it instead of repairing) but I'm happy with my replacement.
  3. Lobwedgephil macrumors 601


    Apr 7, 2012
    My 15 completely died a few weeks ago, nothing to turn it on. First question they asked was any previous battery issues, and then immediately replaced. They said there is a known issue with early production runs battery issues. Was weird since I got mine day one with zero issues, no issues with the new replacement.
  4. montanaco thread starter macrumors 6502


    Nov 1, 2016
    Interesting! Glad to not be the only one. I couldn't get it swapped on the spot since its a BTO model. But really hoping it's ready by Monday.

    That's what was so weird about the failure, there were zero issues leading up to the second it suddenly died. Oh well, hoping the replacement/repair I get is problem free.
  5. hendl macrumors newbie


    Nov 6, 2016
    Munich, Germany
    had the same problem. 13 inch mbp with tb not charging even when plugged in. at first i was able to make it work by unplugging it a couple of times, but after a few days it wasn't charging at all. got a replacement which took forever, but works fine.

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