Macbook Pro Thermal Throttling?

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    I have a Mid 2012 Macbook Pro 15" that ran into some thermal throttling issues in Bootcamp, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (Basically FPS drops becoming increasingly frequent as temperature rises) last year, it was seemingly fixed when the logic board got switched.
    However a few months ago it came back, and I am all out of ideas. SMC and PRAM reset didn't work, and there are virtually no change in terms of settings or temperature before or after the issue came back. And now that I am all out of Applecare, along with the Genius Bar staff being less than useful most of the time, I don't really know what I should do.
    CPU temperature are always around 80 to 85, while GPU temperature always stay below 80.
    Any help will be appreciated about how this can be resolved, or just what is happening to my Macbook.
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    I would goto an Apple store and ask them to run an advanced cooling and performance test. Tell them this issue has happened in the past and is now happening again. Mention that the logic board was replaced and now that you're out of warranty the cost for a new logic board maybe too high of a price to pay out of pocket. Just try to be nice and as calm as possible but hold your ground at the same-time.

    Also try to find the Applecare technician guide for the 2011 macbook pro online and read it. Last I checked I could not find one for the 2012 macbook pro. The guide was really helpful for me. When a genius tried telling me my display issue I had was in manufacturing spec I stated, "actually in the technician guide for this macbook pro it states if the screens uniformity issue is excessive the solution is to replace the display."

    After I said that, they replaced the display. :)

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