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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by sfinnerty, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I am looking for a simple (at least I think it would be simple) program that would allow me to use my Mac like a POTS telephone. What I am hoping for is something that would allow me to buy a USB Modem to hook into my analog line at home (I have Vonage). When the home phone rings I would like the option of answering it on my computer (using my nice comfy headset). Would be nice to make calls using it as well (through the analog line).

    I have done a bit of searching and there really doesn't seem to be anything out there that is this simple in functionality. I can remember doing this 10 years ago with some software that came with the modem in my PC.

    So I am not looking for a program that will make VOIP calls, internet calls, TCP calls, etc. Again, I am looking for something so simple and "old fashioned" that it appears not to exist. A program that will convert the best laptop in the world to a phone like the one sitting at your grandmothers house.


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    Ohh, I remember doing this with my old PowerMac 7500...

    Unfortunately I dunno how to do it these days, I'd be kinda interested too...
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    You'd need hardware to make this work. You can't just run the two wires from an analog telephone jack into your MBP audio in/out jacks and expect it to work by "the magic" of a software program.

    Connecting anything other than a telephone is not safe to do without the proper circuit -- the DC voltage on the telephone line is typically 48V DC, and the AC ring signal is about 70-120V AC, more than enough to give a human a pretty good electrical shock.

    Telephone line audio interface circuits

    Sound Blaster used to sell a "Phone Blaster" ISA card for use in a PC, but that was over a decade ago. Just buy grandma a new phone with a headphone jack if you want to use your "comfy headset".
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    If it's a Intel Mac then MagicJack would work great. If you need a screenshot of how it looks just let me know and I'll upload one :)
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    Which is almost what I do, I answer at my computer, with a 'Custom' brand analog phone/keypad into which is hooked a one-spkr and stalk mic headset on a 6' cable. Hands free, I can continue to use my computer on broadband while in conversation via analog. I bought this unit at a NZ department store for equiv US$22.50. The headset isn't exactly robust, but it's comfortable enough, and both earpiece and mic work well.

    There are wireless headsets as well, transmitting with Bluetooth technology. Not cheap.

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