MacBook Pro Unibody 15" (A1286) Battery bracket/screw issue


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Mar 30, 2014
I was dusting out the inside of my MacBook Pro today when I discovered that the plastic brackets for the tri-wing screws holding the battery to the aluminum body were broken, allowing the battery to be removed without the use of a tri-wing screwdriver. (Picture here and how it should look here)

Is this a problem that I should be concerned with? Will the battery still be relatively stable just being held in by the Unibody metal screw brackets that hold the bottom removable panel to the main body? (I'm talking about these things here and here)

If not, would it be appropriate to repair the battery brackets with some type of superglue or plastic cement, or should I look into buying a new battery?

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Jan 6, 2004
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Tough call. I'm no expert, but I would probably ride it out as is. I don't move my machines around too much, so I know it wouldn't be in peril too many times. But if you are lugging it around constantly(it did actually beak under pressure I assume), then it might be worth replacing.


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Sep 30, 2012
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The correct and proper fix would just be to replace the battery.

The “on the cheap” fix would be to use a thin, flat washer on top of the broken off piece with the washer being just large enough in diameter to cover the “tab” thats still left on you battery.

It should be a nice, black, machine quality washer. To maintain that quality “original” look.



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Mar 29, 2014
fans not works above ~ 2000 RPM

Faced with the problem:
In my MacBook pro 15 late 2013 fans not works above ~ 2000 RPM. only help the programs which controls the fan speed.
Are there benefits to fix it?
SMC reset does not help.