Macbook Pro Unibody 2011 Raid 0 (Two owc ssd's)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by eftrix, Aug 27, 2012.

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    So I ordered a 120gb OWC Electra 6g drive to replace the main hard drive in my Macbook Pro 13" 2011 and then I got to thinking...

    As a result I ordered a Data doubler combined with a second 120gb OWC Electra drive, except this time the 3g cousin as my Macbook Pro's Optical Drive's data slot is only capable of 3g sata.

    Originally I had thought to use this second drive as a Time Machine backup but realised I have so many external drives that backup is not an issue, especially with an ssd.

    Eventually I came up with another possible solution, which was to put the two drives into a raid 0 array.

    From what I believe, (feel free to correct me) doing this may bring the speed of the 6g drive down to match the speeds of the 3g drive, or at least creating some sort of bottleneck.

    My question is; are there any benefits to be gained from continuing with this proposal or should I scrap the idea? Also I would like to know if there is any speed gain in comparison to the 3g drive on it's own and is it any amount comparable to the 6g drive on it's own if there is any?

    Please feel free to add any observations,

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    Aug 5, 2008
    Would really love if anybody with any experience of this or any helpful information could reply.
  3. SlyMac, Aug 28, 2012
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    I think that your slower optibay may slow down the primary bay (not in the sense that it will physically slow it down, but because the connection is slower and will take more time). RAID 0 uses striping and just splits the data to 2 disks. Read and write speeds larger that the stripe are found at same location on each disk. The slower speed of the optibay may take away any gain you would otherwise see from a RAID 0 set up (I haven't used a raid 0 in this type of situation so I may not be looking at this correctly). Plus, when using a RAID 0 setup, you essentially double the chances of total loss of data. Bcause the RAID set up splits the data, when one faulty dirve goes, there is too much memory loss for the other to continue on. I would not recomment using a RAID 0 in this situation. Either just use it as more storage or in RAID 1 for security.
  4. CASLondon, Oct 2, 2012
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    I understood Raid 0 to be best with identical drives, i.e. put a 3g electra in the main bay as well. If you were to put 2 x 6g ssds in, you'd have real problems

    Worse than slowing down, something at the motherboard level will not be happy with a 6g drive on the optical slot. Read the points made in this post

    You can either go single drive 6g, or 2 x 3g sata 2 ssds in a Raid 0. From what I understand, the place where you would see the gains wouldn't be in normal use, but large file copying, say, video files to an external thunderbolt raid. For normal use, probably worth it to stay single 6g ssd and a data disk on the optical. But contact OWS for further details.

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