Macbook Pro Unibody beeps, won't start, going back to apple

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bigmacaddict, Mar 24, 2009.

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    My post on the forums was removed by apple within hours because they said it attracted too many rants. And they claimed I started out the post with a rant, which I did not, as you can see below. Perhaps I complained a little later on. Or perhaps they are afraid too many bad Macbook Pro's are being revealed? I hope not. I am a devoted Mac fan for two decades, have a dozen converts under my belt and do NOT like being censored.

    Here is my post again. Curious if others have seen this issue.


    Well, of all things. I have to send my new unibody 17" Macbook Pro back to this week. As soon as its in the mail, they are sending me a replacement model. They report they will not be attempting to rescue any of the programs or files I did not back up.

    I thought I would report the issue in case someone comes across the same thing with theirs. Actually, I'd love to hear if anyone has. Not a newbie here. Been working with Macs for 20 years.

    When I opened it from sleep this weekend, however, it refused to wake up. I had to do a hard shut down. After that, pushing the power button would only bring up a gray screen. The cpu wouldn't respond to any of the regular start-up commands to speak of, and I tried EVERYTHING. I could hear this very faint beep sound coming from the area where the battery lights are, very subtle, every one second or so.

    I brought it into the office and tried the installation disk that came with it. At first, nothing. Finally, after 20 minutes, it seemed to recognize the startup disk and begin booting. Took a LONG time. Like 15 minutes. And then, the disk would not see the hard drive.

    This may or may not be related: About a half dozen times in the past 30 days, the laptop has awoke from sleep with a strange behavior, which I thought was simply a new "thing" with the new Macbook Pro. Instead of opening right up, the screen would gray out and 8 or so digital lights would pop up at the bottom of the screen, slowing filling up, as though it were rebuilding something before it fully awakened. Most of the time, it did not do this, and I didn't worry.

    I purposely had resisted transferring everything from work to the laptop knowing that new products have their kinks. For example, I immediately upgraded to apple's latest operating system version a couple years ago, and it bit me in the behind while on deadline, so I've resisted embracing this new laptop completely, and I'm glad I did. I lost a few things, including several interviews and some graphics --- and hours of research and testing to try to get it up myself this weekend --- but it could have been much, much worse.

    I hate the idea, but I wondering if I should have invested in a SSD? When I asked the apple tech if these new laptops had hard drives that were failing the answer was, "all hard drives eventually fail," which, of course, is obvious. As I'm using this to publish a magazine, though, I'd like to insure that it will not be failing a month after I receive the laptop.
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    The grey "lights" filling up is the OS restoring your last session, and this happens when your battery has gone flat. OS X saves a snapshot, so when you plug power back in, it'll be where you left off.

    As for drives failing? It happens. Sometimes it'll happen with a new drive, sometimes after a week, a month, six months, a just don't know. Apple can't guarantee every single drive they ship out will work for a certain period of time - which is why we have manufacturing guarantees, and in the longer run, AppleCare.
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    Yes. What I failed to mention is that the battery still had plenty of life when that would happen. Weird.

    And for the life of me, I can't figure out why one of the first things everyone wants to tell me is, "Well, you know, hard drives fail. It's always a matter of time." I say this seriously & quietly without any sarcasm: Duh. Please. Everything has a life span. I might live for five more minutes or 50 more years. Does that make it ok when I die in a week because the floor caves in due to shoddy workmanship?

    I still have my original hard drive used in my first PowerPC 6100, and it still works. That drive is 17 years old. I don't think its a stretch to ask that most drives last a little longer than a month. Or a stretch to ask a company whose drive quickly fails to make it up in some way. Yes, I've had drive failures. Two not counting the new MBP, if that is what the problem is.

    I suspect, however, it is not the drive and that it is related to the board controlling the drive. Too many other little glitches. Then again, I'm not a hard drive expert by any means.

    Yeah, I'm a little frustrated. Needed this laptop in January. Apple didn't get it to me to mid-February. Then a month later, I've lost a weeks worth of work and will have to go through hours of installation again after the new one comes to replace it, not to mention phone calls again to Adobe to allow the installation of programs I can't uninstall on the bad Pro.

    I'll be ok. I'm posting, really, to see if there seems to be anyone else in a similar situation. I'm feeling gunshy about depending upon my Macbook Pro, when it arrives.
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    Just to say I had this problem twice to date-posted on this 9 March-when mbp wouldn't start for final thesis tutorial-worst time!. Seems to happen when battery is partly discharged & I use sleep mode for a long period. 'Usual' Applecare suggestions did not work. What works for me is to fully charge battery for a period (it certainly isn't flat when the problem occurs) & it will then start OK. It does start by the way BUT there is a black screen & the power light on the front glows on & off.
    If you Google 'sleep problems' there are loads of threads going back years so it does not seem to be a new problem.
    Mine's going to Applestore Genius if it happens again.

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