MacBook Pro uses when you own an iPad


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Jul 10, 2008
I own an iPad and really like it a lot. I am considering buying a Macbook Pro 13", but an not sure that I need it, since I own the iPad.

My primary use is web surfing, and email. I like the portability that the MB Pro offers, but of course the iPad has even better portability.

I'm curious - those that own both an iPad and a MB Pro, what do you find the advantage of the MB Pro is over the iPad for web surfing and email use?


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When i visited an Apple Store for my birthday at the start of this month i had quite a daunting decision to make an iPad or a Mac Book pro? now that was one hard decision! I had my mind set to getting an iPad as i was unaware i would be able to have the opportunity to purchase a mac. Now i believe the iPad is one great revolutionary device its amazing and i do believe it to be the future of mobility especially within the portable market however, i believe it to be target at specific uses and specific audiences. Those that just want to check emails quickly, browse the internet, listen to music and watch the odd video, whereas i see the Mac and a Laptop in general more of an advanced tool allowing the ability for many new functions and features which are pretty much endless without limitations in comparison such appications include advanced image rendering with software packages such as Photoshop etc. As it stands therefore if your wanting to do more when your out and about id get a mac as well and then use your iPad just to check emails and the occasional internet browse. In terms of the future who knows! One things for sure people are going to become much more attached to iPad like devices as an easy and portable alternative, i believe laptops and such devices will become very much a device used by those wanting to do more without limitations. i hope that makes some sense! ;) trying to type at 12am just doesnt do it with me :D


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Apr 1, 2010
I like to keep things simple - so here's how I view the two options

iPad - media consumption

MBP - media creation

which one do you do more of?


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Feb 13, 2010
If you need to do extended typing, graphics work, or anything that involves making things (as opposed to "consuming" them), the MBP would be a good choice. I personally chose to get the MBP instead of an iPad or similar iDevice because I need to be able to create content, as a student, writer, and artist. Your mileage may vary, though.


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Jun 6, 2010
Colorado, USA
I've owned an iPad for a month, and the novelty wore off in a little while, (at least for me) once I realized how much it couldn't do. Sure, it is amazing, and I do love it, it just has a specific niche.
You can do so much more with the MacBook, and if you are willing to part with the money to get one, go for it!
You can use Microsoft Office (Neccesity for me), play a wider variety of games, and of course you gain the flash playback ability. Of course, you do loose 4 or so hours of battery life (real world) but, again, the main question is, Do you really need it? I.E. Do you need to use other Mac OS Applications that work only on a full-fledged mac? Are there any specific uses you can think of.

Honestly, if you are only planning on using email and web browsing, the iPad is not the same if not better than a 13" MacBook.
The screens are pretty close in resolution (The amount of things they can display) and I honestly think due to the lack of flash for the iPad, it actually loads pages faster.I also like the design of the Mail app on the iPad.

To me, most of the time I email and web browse. But, when I want to watch a DVD (and i'm away from a TV) Import a CD into my iTunes, or use Office, I always like my MacBook Pro close by.


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Aug 26, 2009
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I don't own one, but I see it as with my iPod touch.

iPod touch: light browsing on the couch
MBP:heavier browsing (involving flash, non-mobile sites, lots of typing) on a desk.

So the iPad would be like: general browsing (without flash nor lots of typing).

For example I would access Macrumors with my MBp because I go there not only to read stuff but also to write some.


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May 26, 2006
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When I'm finished consuming, I'm ready to make ;)

For me, whilst I don't have a MBP, I have a desktop with OSX and here is my usage on my devices:





I'd love the Photos app on the iPad to work with Aperture more, like rating, keywording, naming faces, locating photos.

I'd also like apple to have a chat application on the iPad that takes up a low amount of space and let you use the browser or other apps beneath it, that would be awesome!


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Jul 10, 2010
i use to think about it too due to budget and other reason, i worked out these options:

MBP 13"+iPad+normal phone
MBP 15"+iPhone4
middle range rumored i5 iMac+iPad+normal phone
even a powerful gaming PC laptop+iPad+normal phone

finally i decide to go with MBP 15"+iPhone4

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Sep 9, 2008
I went from 13" MBP to iPad and recently sold the iPad and did a full circle back to a new 13" MBP (should arrive mon/tues).

While I enjoyed my time with the iPad I missed the performance of the MBP. I hated cleaning the screen every 5 minutes and hated hearing my email sound when half way through reading a webpage or playing a game. Knowing you have to quit out of something to read what the email that just arrived says was quite annoying. Don't get me wrong, I liked the iPad a lot and if money was no object I would have kept both but when it came down to it it couldn't replace the MBP like I thought, but it did compliment it.