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    Dec 28, 2009
    My wife is about to buy a new computer to replace her MacBook. I would like her to buy a 15" MacBook Pro. She does need to run it under Windows because of some specific software, but with dual boot I could use it as a Mac for pictures, video etc, while she uses it as a PC. But here is the issue: a 15" MacBook Pro costs around $1700. A 15" PC can be had for $500-600. Even if I try to configure a PC with similar specs to the MacBook Pro at Dell, I get $1100-1200 (and the Mac HD is skimpy compared with the smallest dell HD). That's a big price difference. How can I argue for that price difference?

    When we bought the MacBook, I was able to convince her to buy a Mac instead of a PC because at that time I did a similar price comparison, and the Mac was only slightly more expensive than a similar Dell. When I bought my MacBook Air recently, it was about the same price is similar slim PC laptops. But it seems now Macs are much more expensive. Are the Microsoft adds correct after all?
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