MacBook Pro Video and DDR@2 RAM question

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by PieMac, Feb 8, 2006.

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    I have an order in for both the 1.67 and the 1.83 MacBook Pro at Amazon and will be cancelling one when I finally decide which to go with (ship dates aren't until April at this point, so I have time...too much figure it out). I guess my main concern would be the V RAM as the processor speed between the two really isn't that significant a difference. Also, I have a LaCie external hard drive, so the addtional 20 GB with the 1.83 really isn't that significant either. I do a lot of photoediting, but nothing major. I use iPhoto ('06 version now) first and foremost and Photoshop for more extensive edits. I am also considering Aperture down the road. Would any of these applications be greatly affected by Video ram capability? That is the only main difference between the 1.67 and the 1.83 that I can see that might be worth having...but only if it would be needed by applications that I use the most. Oh, and once in a while I'll use iMovie and iDVD...but very infrequently.

    Also, I currently have 1.5 GB DDR RAM in my 10 month old 1.67 Powerbook G4 (which I will be selling on Ebay) and it has been adequate for my needs...would 1 GB of the DDR2 RAM in the MacBook Pro be as adequate performance-wise, even though I would essentially be giving up 512MB less RAM? (that is provided it is 2x512MB sticks vs 1 GB stick). I figure that I will probably just drop in another 512MB if I go with the 1.67 or just stay with the 1GB stick that comes standard if I go with the 1.83 (I'm sure I will eventually add another 1 GB down the road if I go with this option).
    Just trying to access my RAM needs and factor into the decision as well. I'm really trying to keep the cost down as much as possible but don't want to short change myself when all is said and done.
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