macbook PRO wifi signal PROBLEM


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Sep 4, 2010
Hi guys.. got a problem with my 2011 15'' MBP.

Basically, if I leave the laptop on sleep and wake it up from sleep a few times, my wifi signal becomes poor. Like 3 bars instead of 4, sometimes 2 bars. This is very annoying because my other laptops in the same location will all have 100% signal.

I have to restart my MBP and then the signal returns. I've tried toggling different wifis and it doesnt work.

I am from the UK and use the BT broadband router if that helps.

are they any options/solutions? shall i take it to an apple store? i dont think i can replicate the problem there which is to my annoyance in trying to explain and validate the problem.

peace, thanks.


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Jul 16, 2011
The graphic display of the wifi signal change,

But is your connection any different? Did u test for loss, speed change?

If not, there isn't a problem, my suggestion: before and after and they also have a website on there for checking the quality of your Internet.

See if you really have a problem first. Then we can go from there.


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Feb 27, 2011
I am having the very same problem and then some. My wifi actually shows full bars and then drops completely. I am able to use the internet, then all of the sudden it just acts like there is not a signal any longer. I know it isn't the airport extreme, as I am able to connect to internet with iphone. Is this a known issue with Apple?
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