Macbook Pro: Windows 7 vs. XP for gaming

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by heatfanaman, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. heatfanaman, Feb 11, 2011
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    heatfanaman macrumors member

    Feb 7, 2011
    Hi, which operating system should I pick for playing games. A friend told me that XP is better on older games, 7 is better for newer games. Is this true?

    Also, will either slowdown my performance on my Mac side?
  2. brandone macrumors member

    Sep 3, 2010
    San Francisco
    Your friend is semi-correct. Window XP is restricted to DirectX 9. Windows 7 uses DirectX 11. Older games will mostly run the same in either XP or 7. New games will be able to take full advantage of DirectX 11. It will not slow down your mac side.
  3. Dr McKay macrumors 68040

    Dr McKay

    Aug 11, 2010
    Current MBP Video cards do not support DirectX11. However they should be fine with DirectX10.

    Also Microsoft is doing their best to phase out XP to the consumer now, it's best to stick with Windows 7.

    Unless the games you are wanting to play are ridiculously old.

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