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May 15, 2018
SO, this is my story. i was drinking some vodka on my working table. the glass was quarter full actually. By mistake, as i was standing up, the vodka spilled on my 13" 2016 macbook pro touchbar . the vodka basically landed on the touchbar, power button and tthe speakers on the right. Immediately, i switched down the macbook and then inverted it for about 3 minutes, before using a blower for like 2 min (from a distance). after 3 hours i tried to power it up , which it did, (by flipping the lid up) then i shut down. the next day it didnt work. (i stored it inverted). from the third day, the power button wasnt working and i could only boot up the macbook by flipping the macbook three times. i used it for like 5 days by flipping the lid three times each time sot hat it can boot. in the first two lid openings, it showed the apple logo then went off, then the third lid opening was stable and it always booted. However, its now completely dead. i took it to the only local apple registered repairer and they said they couldnt do anything and didnt trace any damage. What can i do. im confused


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Sep 6, 2013
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I would try to get it to a Apple Store, rather than a registered repair center. I'm sure it can be fixed, although the cost may shock you.


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Jan 24, 2018
This video really helped me understand liquid damage more. Turning it upside down and drying it out will not fix the problem.

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Apr 19, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
With liquid spills, I always recommend powering off the Macbook immediately, disconnecting the battery, and not using it again until the unit has been disassembled and all accessible components have been cleaned with pure isopropyl alcohol to remove all residue.

As the liquid dries, it leaves behind residue which can cause corrosion.

If the Macbook is covered for accidental damage, take or send it to Apple for diagnostics. If Apple will not cover repairs under warranty, get a written estimate from them and then decide what to do.
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Mar 27, 2017
The more often you turn it on, the quicker you damage the logic board.

The proper action is to disassemble the unit and bathe the logic board in PCB cleaner. There is no avoiding this step. Now that it's been a few weeks, there's probably component damage due to corrosion.

Send it a real repair place like iPad Rehab so they can fix the logic board.


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May 4, 2006
Hi Everyone,

Similar situation here. A friend spilled a full glass of red wine on his 2016 13" MBP Touch. He powered it down then used, ugh, a hair dryer on it for a while. Then he plugged it in and tried power it up immediately again 🤦‍♂️! It wasn't until he did this that he called me and I tolled him unplug - power down - leave open and upside down overnight at the very least!

When he did power it up he was getting the ? folder so obviously issues with accessing the SSD. He brought it to me (contactless delivery!) and now I'm unable to even get it to power on. Zero response at this point.

I opened up the bottom case and noted some wine stains which I cleaned up (it mostly came in via the vents by the hinge but some on the side vents as well a bit by the battery). There was some brown spots on the chip covers at the Thunderbolt controller, RAM, but popping these off revealed little to no corrosion underneath. The connection to the Touch bar had liquid around it and possible corrison.

With the new USB-C charger I can't tell if it's actively charging (I've tried all 4 thunderbolts) so I don't know if the battery is dead and it won't charge because thunderbolt controller is fried. Or alternatively if the connection to the battery is fried, if the Touchbar or connector for the touchbar is fried, or if generally the entire Logic Board has just failed.

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