MacBook Pro won't burn CD's

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by applekid, May 18, 2009.

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    Jul 3, 2003
    My MacBook Pro Core Duo is pretty old, so it just could be a bad drive, however the disc drive will not burn CD's anymore. I can put in CD's and DVD's and see the data or watch movies or whatever, but I cannot burn CD's. I'm not sure about burning DVD's since I did not test that.

    I'm reading online that Matsushita fail easily, so it's possible it's just that. First the blank CD wouldn't show up in the Finder or pop the usual "what to do" window. You could hear it to. It spun up about 3 times trying to make the disc work, but each time the drive wasn't spinning as loudly as it normally does for a blank CD. Then at one point the CD was recognized, spinning properly. But when I tried burning it, it said there wasn't enough power to calibrate the laser. After a few more inserts and ejects without recognizing the disc, it showed up in the Finder again and this time tried to burn but gave me some error with a hex code.

    Bad drive, right?
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    That error most likely means your laser lens is dirty. Try to clean your drive with a cd cleaning disc. Any electronics store should have that. That did the trick for me. Was also having the same issues.
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    Sounds like that's worth a shot. Thanks for the suggestion. :cool:
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    Because I have the same problem, what happened?:confused:

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