Macbook questions. (Saving HD room and others)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kikedeolivos, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Hi everybody from BA, Argentina.

    Mi Macbook (Intel Core Duo 2 / 2x1Gb DDR2 at 667 Mhz) is in the need of an upgrade.

    I have a 160 Gb HD and a Windows XP partition. On the Mac, there's only 20Gb left (and I keep compressing some of the bigger files) and, on the XP side, there's 6 Gb left. My XP partition is used for Cad and some math calculation software)

    Yesterday, on the XP partition, running a couple of CAD drawings + Math software (heavy calcs) + Chrome+ iTunes+Adobe Reader, my Mac was struggling and I had to wait for each process to be finished in order to keep on working.(Without restarting)

    So, I've decided the following

    1) Increase the Ram to it's maximum. (2x2Gb)

    2) Get a 1 TB Firewire external HD and move my heavy files (Mac and Windows) to it.

    I have a couple of questions.

    1) Can I "move" my iTunes and iPhoto Libraries to the new external HD and free space on my Macbook HD? How's the process being done with any loss? (Album Art, Events, Names, Folders, etc.)

    Once moved (if it's possible), will I be able to open iTunes or / and iPhoto on my Macbook and then be able to "see/edit/save" the files on the external HD?

    2) I have a 3 year old WD Passport 250Gb USB HD and use it to backup my Mac HD (not the Windows partition) via Time Machine. I would like (giving the fact I'm getting the 1 TB FW disk) to use it (if possible...reformat required?) to back up the Mac and the Windows partitions, just the OS's and installed programs, not the files; how can I accomplish this? I've read somewhere that Time Machine doesn't do backups of Windows partitions, maybe I'm wrong about this.

    My Macbook has proven to be a great day to day companion.(Switched from PC's almost 3 years ago...thank God)
    I do all my architectural work on it, plus Garageband Audio recordings via a TC Electronics Fireware Interface and others. I use a Samsung 22" LCD monitor+Apple wired keyboard+Logitech Nano Mouse and the Macbook acts as my CPU. (Always closed)

    I'm waiting for a "probable" upgrade on the Mac Mini to use it as my main computer, when it comes out and gets to my Country, keeping the Macbook when portability is needed.

    Well guys, sorry for the long post but I do not want to make any mistakes.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    1) you can move iPhoto libraries over to a new HD no problem, same with iTunes, you'll not lose artwork as its in with the song itself, none of that would be a problem.

    Yes, when the songs are moved to the new HD, you can just use/edit them as you would on your external HD :)

    2) im 95% sure you cant back up windows via time machine, i havn't tried personally, but a quick google search and friends don't think it would! apologies!

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