MacBook repair in London


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Feb 15, 2007

Yesterday I managed to spill a little bit of juice on the keyboard (it was not much at all). I just wiped it off with the nearest towel and continued as normal (which was stupid off me, I know). Anyway, one hour or so later the MacBook dies and when I try to turn it on, I can hear the fans and harddrive running, but the screen remains blank and the sleep light keeps blinking. After googling around, I found out that this is usually related to the ram beeing loose.

So if I am extremly lucky, it might only be the ram that has gone to heaven, or If I am more unlucky it might be the logic board.
Any other thoughts on what might be wrong?
How much will it approximately cost me to replace the logic board? Logic board and labour included.

The MacBook was bought in Norway in december 2006.

What is a good place to deliver it in London? (good=cheap)
The Apple store? Albion?
I also found these two: and
Anyone has any experience with the ones mentioned above or any other suggestions?




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Mar 3, 2006
I've had several spills come into my shop. Usually pulling and cleaning the RAM (with rubbing alcohol), and looking over the board for dried spill (and cleaning that off with alcohol) will do the trick. Two have had to have keyboards replaced as the spill travelled through the keys and followed the ribbon down to the logic board connection (trashing the keyboard ribbon, but oddly not the logic board connection).


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May 25, 2010
Macbook disk drive is busted it doesn't seem to eject disks and I have tried everything so decided to get it fixed by a london based repair company. As I am very busy in the office at the moment I used a company that comes out to your office to repair your computer. The company I used was and I made a big mistake. I waited an hour and a half for him to turn up yesterday, he didn't pick up his phone but sent me a text 2 hours later saying he was busy on another job. He offered to come in the following day at 4 o'clock I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he offered me a £25 discount. The following day he hadn't arrived by 4 so I called him at 4:30 he told me he was just around the corner then I rang him 5 minutes later and he said he was nearly there in 10 minutes I called again and he said he would be 30 mins. At this point it was now 5 and I had to go out to a meeting at 5:15 and told him I wasn't going to use him as he was too late. I have to admit I was quite angry at this point as you would expect he would turn up early to make up for the day before. Instead of saying sorry he told me that if I used another company it would take 2 weeks for my computer to be fixed. I told him that this was terrible customer service as he should have tried to be on time and it was a poor way to run a business. 5 minutes later he sent me a text message using abusive language and telling me to basically get lost. I highly suggest to anyone not to use these guys they are a very rogue company. I am still looking for a new company so if anyone could give me any suggestions I would really appreciate it, thanks.


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Sep 7, 2006
I have a similar issue (dvd drive broke) most places in london want the computer for 4-5 days, then its £100 for drive £100 for labour, none will just sell me a bare drive, I am going to do it DIY now, but just need to get a drive.

The guide on looks simple enough, its just getting the part in the UK, most places will not sell to me as they want to install it also, no supply only.