Macbook running slow - need advice fast (warranty expires tomorrow)


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Aug 2, 2010
So, i bought a brand new macbook january, and it started running ultra slow (i mean reallllllllllllly slow).

SO far, i have tried lots of things, from a simples permission fix to reinstaling the OS, erasing everything that was on the HD. Needless to say, nothing worked.

I think it might be some problem with the hardware (my warranty expires tomorrow), so i just wanna make sure i tried everything before taking my macbook to the technical support.

It all started when i suddenly removed a 3G modem from the macbook. After that, when i first tried to turn it off , it didnt. I waited like 1 hour or so and it didnt shut down.

So I pressed the power button. Next time I turned it on, i had to try the command+option+p+r and shift+option+alt+power, because it wasnt going past the loading screen.

After several forced reboots, it finally turned on. But it was so slow. That was 1 month ago.

S.M.A.R.T. utility says my drive is failing (with over 4.000 errors), but the utility disk (app folder) says it's ok.

As I said, I tried a lot of things to fix it, but i couldn't on my own, so i'm asking now the gurus for advice. What should i do?

Thanks in advance.


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Oct 11, 2004
Saint Charles, MO
Take it in, tell them to replace the HD (since S.M.A.R.T. status is failing).
See if that fixes the issue while at the store, if not, show them and request that it be fixed.


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Aug 2, 2010

When i saw the expiration date of my macbook, i only looked at the day, and forgot to see the month :p.

"Estimated Expiration Date: February 4, 2011"

Now that was stupid.

Thanks :p.


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Oct 9, 2008
I haven't had a SMART failure yet (knocks on wood) but isn't it theoretically fixable by repartitioning the drive rather than needing to replace the whole drive? I took the "erasing everything that was on the HD" phrase to mean an Erase & Install.
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