Macbook says no batteries availiable

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by rbassett87, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. rbassett87 macrumors newbie

    Aug 4, 2013
    I dont know alot about macbooks but I am just lost in the sauce about this issue. I bought a macbook and the guy I bought it from told me it had a bad battery. So I bought the new battery and it still gives me the no batteries availiable problem where the battery symbol is. When I got the battery I pressed the button and it was charged more than halfway. I even unplugged it and left it unplugged for a while but it still said no batteries availiable. I eventually drained the battery (according to the back of the battery) trying to get it to work. So it doesnt charge what so ever or anything. I can only use it plugged in. I can unplug it for about 20 seconds before it shuts off. I am not sure what the issue is. I have done smc resets. pmu resets and a bunch of other stuff I have read online so I figured I would come here and see what you guys say. I have used a different charger. I would say it was a bad battery but it obviously is a good battery sincing it was charged up when I got it and the fact that the macbook was left unplugged for over a hour and it was fine.
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    It sounds to me that either you have a dodgy replacement battery, or theres a problem with the DC in board or Charging circuit on your MacBooks logic board. The first thing to do would be to try out another battery thats known to be working correctly. Failing that, open up the macbook and have a look around the DC in board, for signs of corrosion. if it's in bad shape, the DC in board can be replaced fairly inexpensively for around £30 or $40 USD
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    Aug 6, 2013
    Also you can try reinstalling OS X, may be the problem is in the system, that it don't want to display the battery.
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    I always use genuine Apple batteries for replacement...If you search these boards you will find many posts on the topic...Third party batteries tend not to play nicely...A genuine Apple replacement after you've tried the steps above is your best bet.

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