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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chairguru22, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. chairguru22 macrumors 6502a

    May 31, 2006
    Whenever I close the lid to my MacBook it'll go to sleep by turning off the harddisk and the light is blinking. But when I go to pick it up or even move it the Superdrive makes a noise as if its searching for a disk and the apple on the lid/monitor blinks on and off. Basically the computer never really stays in sleep mode.

    any suggestions on what is causing this and how it can be resolved? thanks.
  2. realityisterror macrumors 65816


    Aug 30, 2003
    Snellville, GA
    It sounds like it's waking up before you open the lid, if I understand correctly.
    If you don't touch it, does it remain asleep normally?

    Seems as if the magnet in your latch isn't holding it tightly enough. A call to Apple may be your best bet :eek:
  3. chairguru22 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    May 31, 2006
    when i close the lid, it goes to sleep. when i open the lid, it wakes up.

    but when i close the lid, pick up the whole thing (not opening the lid), it wakes up anyway*. so say i put my macbook to sleep and then want to put it in my bookbag, itll just wake up on its own.

    *what i mean by wake up is itll kick up the superdrive and the monitor blinks, itll then go back to sleep if its not moving. so if its in my bookbag and im walking itll just keep waking up.
  4. realityisterror macrumors 65816


    Aug 30, 2003
    Snellville, GA
    The only logical conclusion is that the hinge is "loose" in a way. Slight movements make it think that it has been opened and it wakes up, then realizes it's actually closed, etc., etc...

    Call Apple or take it into the Genius Bar. They should go ahead and replace, especially if it's less than a week or so old.
  5. chairguru22 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    May 31, 2006
    im not sure if it was a 'loose' lid hinge issue or not but here's what i did to fix this.

    Disable waking up from sleep mode when lid opens:
    Terminal (Applications > Utilties)
    OFF: sudo pmset -a lidwake 0
    ON : sudo pmset -a lidwake 1

    i put the off code into the terminal and now my computer stays in sleep mode when the lid is closed and i can pick-up and move the computer around, walk with it, run with it, throw it, and it will stay in sleep mode. before, it would just wake up at the slightest movement.

    draw back now is that it wont awake when i open the lid, but a press of a button will have to do.
  6. SC68Cal macrumors 68000

    Feb 23, 2006
    Okay, the next thing to do is figure out what those two terminal commands are doing, and what those paramaters that you are setting are doing.

    One thing I can chime in about. We have a bunch of old G3 Ibooks, and one of the thins that is noted in dissasembly is a small magnet that acts as a sensor for if the lid is closed or not. Perhaps there is a similar mechanism in your Macbook and something came loose, or is not connected 100%, and when you move it around it becomes disconnected intermittently.

    Best bet is go to an Apple Store and have them look at it.
  7. chosenwolf macrumors 6502a


    Feb 4, 2006
    Los Angeles
    This happens on my macbook pro. I am going to take it to the Apple Store so they can see. It's just very horrible build on Apple's part.
  8. chairguru22 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    May 31, 2006
    let me know about what they say at the apple store with an update on this thread..
  9. twistedlegato macrumors 65816


    Jun 15, 2006
    it is the magnet. it is not strong enough i it will lift when ever touched and thus waking it from its sleep:(
  10. phatz macrumors member

    Apr 19, 2006
    I just repeatedly experienced this problem last night with my macbook, even though I wasn't touching it at all.... it just kept waking up and going back to sleep on its own with the lid shut. in the end i had to start it up and shut it down.
  11. jonerm macrumors newbie

    Jul 9, 2006
    Melbourne Australia
    Macbook Sleep Superdrive access

    My new black Macbook was doing a similar thing but nothing to do with movement or the magnet. Not going to sleep when the lid was shut and continually trying to access the superdrive.
    The problem was due to a USB external mouse. Unplug this and no problem. Plug it in while the machine is in sleep mode with the lid shut and it wakes and continually tries to access the drive.
  12. Abstract macrumors Penryn


    Dec 27, 2002
    Location Location Location
    Mine doesn't wake when I open the lid anyway. It never did. And although I had my PB for almost 3 years and only got rid of it 4 weeks ago, I have completely forgot whether my PB woke from sleep when I opened the lid. :eek:
  13. phatz macrumors member

    Apr 19, 2006
    I realised this is the problem with my 'book too. When I turn off my bluetooth mouse I don't get the problem. Strange why a mouse should have this effect on the computer while it's asleep though.
  14. golfstyle macrumors newbie

    Feb 28, 2006
    This is a nightmare!!!!

    I just bought my MBPro about 7 days ago and already took that original one back to the genius bar because when i closed lid for sleep the computer just kept going on and off accessing the superdrive. It blew the "genius" away and they replaced my MBPro. Now with the new one it is still doing it. I purposely didn't install anything on the machine thinking it might have been a software issue. I have no peripherals attached!

    I did notice one thing; if my MBP is plugged in and I close the lid this happens and it is annoying. If the MBP is unplugged and i close the lid, this doesn't happen.

  15. golfstyle macrumors newbie

    Feb 28, 2006
    My MBPro sleep issue FIXED

    Well - I read the forums and some of the suggestions on another site were to not have any periphals neer, connected, or attempting to connect to computer. I thought I did this and the problem persisted.

    WELL, I had a mini SD expansion card that was plugged in and I completely forgot about it. This was the problem. Now from my experience I had an expansion card that I left in my powerbook always and this never happened so I didn't think anything about it. Well, this was a mini SD expansion card that came from my Vaio. Needless to say I don't know if this problem will come back if I try this with a different expansion card or not but I suppose for the time being I'll have to use it and then remove it after every use.

    MBPro is sleeping like it should now when lid closes. Only thing i'm noticing is the mouse sticking a bit here and there. A bit annoying and I've read a little about this happening on other machines but unsure if there is a fix or not.
  16. phatz macrumors member

    Apr 19, 2006
    I just noticed the Macbook turning on last night, the lid shut, without the mouse being turned on. I opened the lid and shut down, and when I turned the computer on this morning it gave that message saying the computer was restarted unexpectedly.

    This is really irritating since I don't want the laptop having this problem when travelling with it away from a power source. I'm starting to think about sending it back... what a hassle. If it were sent back and replaced would my hard disk be erased or do they preserve your files and settings?
  17. phatz macrumors member

    Apr 19, 2006
  18. jhchan macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2006
    Hi All,

    I am having this problem right now too. I try to put my black macbook to sleep and it waits a second or two and then the drive churns then it wakes on its own. My MacBook is being used as a desktop replacement so it has tons of peripherals attached so removing them is not an option, nor should it be necessary IMHO. I have also disabled wake from network, wake from bluetooth (in fact its turned off), disconnected all network drives and removed all programs from startup. I have also noticed if I leave the thing alone all day I get home the laptop is HOT and its stuck on a blank screen. Only power button to turn it off recovers. Any ideas on these problems?

    This is my first Mac and so far I am not impressed...

  19. wanda macrumors member

    Aug 19, 2006
    In a van down by the river
    There seems to be quite a few of us with sleep issues regarding macbooks of different builds.

    I have a white Macbook, also with sleep issues very similar. Open lid to wake up and get just a black screen while the LED light is already on.

    After a few calls to apple care and a trip to the nearest Apple store 88 miles away, I've been told I might need to re-seat the RAM, and if that won't cure it then I may have to re-install OS X.

    There has got to be a better way to do this. If i wanted to crack my laptop open to fix it within three weeks of buying it, i would have bought a friggin Dell.
  20. chairguru22 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    May 31, 2006
    im the OP and i still have this issue and now my macbook wont go to sleep at all when i close the lid...
  21. diamond.g macrumors 603


    Mar 20, 2007
    My wifes Macbook is dooing something very similar. I also posted about it here. I can't get it to do it all the time so I am unsure as to what the problem really is.
  22. pieterjanprops macrumors newbie

    Feb 1, 2008
    macbook sleep issue

    (sorry 4 my english, I hope it's not to bad)...

    I have since one week the same problem with my macbook as described above. I first tought it had something to do with my settings somewhere. I was still working with the tiger version and so I decided to upgrade with a clean install to leopard and crossed my fingers the issue would be solved. It was, for 2 days, afterwards, it al began as before...

    There is nothing connected to my macbook, so it couldn't be an usb or bluetooth problem. So I turned off my airport on my macbook and closed the lid... Now my macbook stops turning back on from sleep modus.

    Now I'm looking what in our network should be the problem and disconnected our (hacked) appletv. Now (already 30 minutes and 4 test-tries) my macbook is staying in sleep modus as a princess in the most of the walt-disney pictures... Hope the issue has been solved now, hope I could help someone with this.
  23. pieterjanprops macrumors newbie

    Feb 1, 2008

    In the meantime I figured out it has nothing to do with devices connected by the network.

    It seems 'bluetooth' is guilty. As long as bluetooth has a normal status, nothing happens, but when I get to see 'bluetooth not available', which happens almost always when working a longer time on my macbook. There is probably something wrong with the internal bluetooth-hardware which causes this stand-by issue...

    Solutions? None, restart the computer can help but most of the time, the only thing I can do is shut down my computer for some time, 5 minutes or something, maybe longer, and afterwards it's working again...

    Has it got something to do with the heat? I don't know...

    Yesterday I called the support center: they gave me this article number 304308 which I should give to the people of the report center. There are a few hidden documents for customers, but they can see them in their computer. It describes the failure and the solution for it. The man on the phone said: 'apple gives in some cases a warranty exception on this failure, so when your mac is already out of warranty, you can still have your mac repaired for free'...

    Next week I'm planning to turn my mac in if I can't find out a solution myself the next couple of days... I'll submit an update afterwards
  24. pieterjanprops macrumors newbie

    Feb 1, 2008
    problem solved


    Now I knew bluetooth was the one who kept my computer awake instead of in standby, I could look what caused the bluetooth failure.

    And with success!

    On the following article, the bluetooth problem is described. When you read the comments under it, you'll see it causes the standby problem too!

    When you don't use your bluetooth, simply turn off your computer for a while so it can cool down completely (also disconnect it from the power source).
    Turn the mac on again and when you're lucky the bluetooth module is working again. Go to the system preferences and turn off your bluetooth module. Afterwards you won't have the standby problem.

    Otherwise you'll have to follow the guide of disassembly your mac to fix the problem.
    When your mac is still under guarantee simply turn it in together with a printed version of the link underneath so they can fix it for you.

    I'm planning to go to the repair center and ask them if it will fall under the guarantee extention, otherwise I disassemble my computer myself. fingers crossed!

    I'll keep you posted! In the meantime I 've shut down my bluetooth module and I have no sleep-problems anymore. Although I use bluetooth for mobile phone synchronisation so I have to try one of the other solutions.

    the link:
  25. stvfisher macrumors member

    Jan 16, 2008
    wow, this thread make me realize I may have a problem with my MacBook!

    Just to clarify... when I simply shut the lid to my MacBook the light on the right hand side stays solid. I have nothing plugged in except the power cord. Does this mean my MacBook is not really in sleep mode?

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