MacBook stuck in boot loop

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    Oct 1, 2014
    Here's what it looks like:

    Other information:
    Girlfriend reported yesterday that her shift key seemed to be stuck down as everything was always in caps. Same problem tonight when she went to login, however since it was "shifting" each character, the password was incorrect. So she restarted and this happened. Running most recent Yosemite beta.

    EDIT: The shift key isn't physically stuck down/sticky/nothing was spilled on it. The OS is thinking that the shift key is pushed. We're thinking that it might be a battery swelling issue as a mac repair shop put a non-apple battery in a few months back. Could this be it?

    Can anyone decipher this for me?
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    The picture you posted is of a kernel panic. If I had to guess, then I would say that you have a failed hard drive. It is possible that it is massive data corruption, but a kernel panic on boot often implies hardware failure.

    If your shift key is stuck down that should only force the computer into safe boot. Your best bet would be to try booting off of an external drive, and running something like SMART Utility.


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