Macbook SuperDrive it Boot Camp?


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Oct 18, 2007
Washington State
My Macbook’s Superdrive has recently been making noise when there is no disc in the drive. I paid no attention to it, because it used to make noise from time to time with no problems. Yesterday, I needed to put a disc in it for school, and it did not respond. It did not even make any noise. Today I tried putting other discs in it, and it began clicking but didn’t work properly. I have also been having problems with the battery over the past few weeks. The computer just shuts off if there is between 30-40% of the battery life left. I have also noticed that the light from the power cord doesn’t stay on all the time either.

The processor is 2 GHz Core Duo. The computer is 13 months old. It has a gig of ram. I purchased the extended warranty. I’m running Vista Business through Boot Camp. I am in the middle of the school semester, so sending the computer to Apple for repairs is not feasible until the end of the semester.

I read a posting from someone who said that Apple won’t do warranty work for a computer while it is running a beta of Boot Camp. If all of these problems stem from running Boot Camp, then all I should have to do is erase Windows and then everything will work properly again. I need Windows for school, so I thought about using Winclone to save my Windows stuff so that I don’t have to reactivate and reinstall everything.

My plans are to attempt to Winclone my Windows side next week, wipe out the partition, and have everything work normally again. If that happens, I can put Leopard on the machine and then put the Windows partition back on it. If it doesn’t work, I will have to put Windows back on the machine anyway for school and then wait until the end of the semester to send it in for repairs.

I would appreciate any input on whether I am approaching this the correct way and whether my plans are even wise. If anyone has had similar problems, I would enjoy being able to hear about them. Thank you.


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Mar 23, 2005
You're approaching the situation correctly but I doubt it's Windows that the problem.

The MacBook optical drives have been rather prone to failure lately. The battery and MagSafe issues are becoming common as well.
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