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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Dman24, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Hey all, sorry if this is a repeat post, but I searched some of the posts and wasn't able to find my answer. I am trying to connect my macbook to my Samsung LCD TV. The TV is Samsungs 3 series, and has 2 HDMI, audio, optical, RCA and PC input. I hooked up the video via the display port-HDMI and used the HDMI 1 port on my TV. It looks great. I tried my 3.5 audio cable to plug into the audio input on the TV. No luck. The audio input seems to correspond to that PC input so I'm guessing that I have to use the PC input in order to get the audio to work as well. Is this accurate? If so does anyone recommend an audio connection type that would work? Maybe I'll just run to Best Buy to get a 3.5 audio cable to RCA. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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    To use the HDMI, you'll need to combine the video and audio outputs into a single input using something like this.

    Unless you're very lucky and your TV supports remapping an audio input from another source to the HDMI.

    Otherwise, you can use the PC Input (likely DVI or VGA with analog audio).
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    That is excalty what I do with my Samsung 42' 1080p.
    I also bought a 15 pin VGA cable to reach the highest resoultion the MacBook can handle (I think its 1280). I would say for 98% of the people out there, you not going to noticed much of a difference between the VGA and HDMI

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