Macbook Top Case Warranty Cover??

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by 98dblachr, May 10, 2012.

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    Nov 27, 2009
    Hi All

    I recently took my 2009 Macbook 2.13 Ghz into local Apple authorized service center with intermittent power issues. Whilst it was there it was also to have its front cracked top case and keyboard replaced (it seccumb the common splitting problem).

    They have diagnosed the power problem to the top case switch which has started shorting out due to fluid damage.

    My question is: Should the service centre replace the top case anyway as it has seccumb to an issue covered by the extended warranty problem (cracking around front of top case)? As it has been diagnosed with a problem that invalidates the warrany, and means owner paying replacement costs?

    My argument is that the top case had already failed and was in need to replacement. They say that I should pay as the fluid damage invalidates the warranty. I haven't spoken to apple yet, thats my next course of action. The replacement isn't extortionate given the price of the part (around £100 and another £50 to fit it).

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    Technically, the store is correct: spilling water on it voids the warranty. No warranty = no free repairs.

    You could try a couple of things:
    1) Begging. Nicely but desperately, ask them to replace the top case because it is broken (apple has been doing this out of warranty anyway).
    2) DENY!!! Tell them you never spilled water on it. Demand that they fix the case because Apple covers the cost.
    3) Take it somewhere else and hope they just replace the top case.
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    That's a tough one. Yeah they are replacing the case but you did get fluid on it. Their line of thinking may be you spilled water on it and then helped create the cracks to get it all repaired.

    Maybe take it to another store and don't mention the power button. They may replace the case and not even give it a second though. I had some work done a little over a year ago and my top case was cracked. They didn't charge me labor on replacing the cable inside because they would have to take it all apart anyway.

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