MacBook topcase modified into wireless keyboard/touchpad?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by buti0001, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I couldn't find a forum that matched this message well, so if an administrator feels it needs to be moved, apologies.

    This same modification was suggested by a member a few weeks ago, but I'm afraid confusion over its purpose and some messages in bold caps kept the topic from reaching any conclusions, so I'll state my situation and see if it gets anywhere:

    When I return from abroad this summer I will be upgrading from my old iBook G4 to a new 24" iMac. I do lots of 3D modeling and some rendering, so the boost in processing power, memory, and screen real estate is going to be a life-saver. The drawback to any desktop is of course limited portability, including in your own home. I have become very accustomed to working from my bed or a comfortable chair, and would like to continue doing so once I upgrade to the iMac. A wall-mounted VESA stand will help to adjust the monitor to be used from an adjacent comfy place, but that does not solve the issue of keyboard and mouse.

    Rather than fumble with separate wireless keyboard and mouse (ergonomic nightmare in bed!) I would like to find/create a keyboard/touchpad combo similar to the setup a laptop has. To me, the obvious solution is to modify an existing macbook top case (surprisingly affordable on ebay) to communicate wirelessly with the iMac. Though it initially seemed to be a pipe-dream, I stumbled upon an earlier post with the same goal, and a diagram had been posted showing that the keyboard/touchpad communicates to the computer via the PCI USB controller. This seemed to suggest that the modification may be as simple as soldering 4 wires to a USB cable (slight exageration).

    Without these parts in my hands, it's impossible to guess how it works, or figure anything out via trial and error. I was hoping that some people on this site with experience on the inside of a macbook might be able to confirm this possibility or even suggest how to make such a modification. My guess is that once the modification is made to a USB plug, it may be fairly simple to connect the plug to a Bluetooth device that could then allow the keyboard/touchpad to connect wirelessly to the iMac, but I may be wrong.

    Thanks for your help!

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    i actually are looking to mod my old macbook topcase into a usb trackpad and keyboard.
    i find this page witch is very helpfull.
    if anyone have any information about witch test-point are the usb one one the trackpad controler board, please give us an answer


    edit: i find this picture
    it is the topcase cable connection, on way to connect a usb cable on a topcase of any macbook or macbook pro.

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