Macbook Trackpad - Sticky!


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Jul 1, 2007
Anyone else have this problem?

When I was trying out computers before I bought it, I was instantly impressed with the trackpad. The first week or so, the trackpad was wonderfully smooth. But ever since, it has become extremely sticky. Perhaps its just my fingers, and all the dirt, grease, etc that accompany them. But even when I wash with soap, the trackpad is still sticky. Even on the highest sensitivity, its not that sensitive (as other computers) In retrospect, the MBP trackpad with its more aluminum feeling, is much nicer (although maybe that would become sticky too) Now I use a mouse at home most of the time, but for times like now when I am in Starbucks with the computer in my lap, I've gotta use the trackpad. It's not a very pleasant experience.

Anyone else have this problem?

ny kind of washing solutions to clean it up and make it less sticky? Thanks


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Jan 2, 2008
thank you so much for that
i have also been having so much trouble with my trackpad
and so i got a mr. clean magic eraser and cleaned my whole computer and my trackpad
i have no problems anymore

it really is Magic
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