macbook turns off/sending to Applecare

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hana, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Okay...this is a multi parter

    1. Macbook (the original 2GHz Intel Core Duo 667mhz with 2 gb ram) has been upgraded to Leopard. When I just run it on the battery, around the time when it has 30 minutes left (yes, I drain the battery monthly), it just spontaneously turns the power off. No warning, no reserve power.

    2. Yes, I did, when I looked at console, see this
    10/28/07 1:06:33 AM[1] ( Throttling respawn: Will start in 59 seconds
    and ran this in terminal
    update_prebinding -force -root /

    3. Tried to use the Macbook again with battery only. Did the same spontaneous power off thing.

    4. Updated to 10.5.1 - still happening.

    SO....any ideas on what to do?

    NOW....if I need to send this to AppleCare (since I never have sent this to AppleCare) what steps/precautions should I take? (this Macbook also has browning so it's due to go to AppleCare) ????
    a. I have two admin accounts on the Mac - is it okay if I just give AppleCare access to the one I don't use often? I don't want accessing some of the stuff on the admin account I use most of the time.
    b. Do you suggest that I back up the Macbook using Time Machine (never ran it, never connected it) or just use back up?
    c. Any other precautions to take before sending MacBook to apple care?

    Thanks for reading!
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